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Frederick Mann – Discover Something Even Better On the Other Side

Frederick Mann – May You Discover Something Even Better On the Other Side

Frederick was an old friend. He died in 2014. He & I agreed & disagreed on a lot. We spent a lot of time debating everything. I will miss him.

He was a very good and aggressive ping pong player till the end of his life. He died suddenly from a stroke in his early 70’s. In short, he was pretty active and healthy until something slipped past his health regimen.

Terra Libra

Frederick & I produced a number of seminars together under his first company which was called Terra Libra.

Terra Libra sold information on increasing your personal freedom in finance, property protection, health freedom, and all the other outlawed freedoms in a world of highly successful tyrants.

What Terra Libra sold was what we were exploring personally. We had speakers who disagreed with each other and promoted different alternatives.

Some of the information was good and some sucked.


Frederick’s Easy System for Anyone to Make Money

Frederick believed that he could create a system that would make it easy for anyone to make money with almost no effort.

I thought what he created was a Ponzi Scheme. I was wrong. It wasn’t. I’m not saying it was a great program. It was ingenuous and well executed.

Frederick did like and promote what I call Ponzi Schemes & Chain Letters.

I like to play poker.

How I can think playing poker is OK and dislike Ponzi Schemes and Chain Letters?

These can supply entertainment and occasional jackpots; but, all are long term losses for most people.

The thing I dislike about Ponzi Schemes, Chain Letters, and poker is that they don’t create benefits for all participants. The benefits and losses can be lopsided. The possibilities for corruption are enormous.

And yet that’s true for many things.

The only answer I have to offer is unfettered competition would eliminate the worst of these. Laws that suppress individual choice also suppress the blessings that come Free Markets which is just another word for Individual Freedom.


Frederick’s program

Frederick’s program for anyone to make money easily was an MLM with potential benefits for all.

The program he created offered a platform where people were paid to watch advertising. Advertisers pay to advertise.

You may not know it; but, there are numerous sites who do this.

Do some searches for:

  • Paid to View
  • Paid to Click
  • Paid viewer advertisements

There are many companies that pay people to watch advertising. According to Forbes magazines, advertisers like Dr. Pepper and Liberty Mutual are testing their benefits. They were reviewing HitBliss.

Frederick added a multi-level marketing matrix so that over time, you could – potentially – generate a pretty good income stream. And some people did.

A portion of the advertising dollars were paid out to the watchers through an MLM style forced matrix structure where participants were paid more when they got more people participating.


Benefits to advertisers

There are several “potential” benefits to advertisers.

  • Advertisers might make sales… (Most companies can expect a pretty poor return on advertising dollars spent if that is the only benefit. It isn’t.)
  • Advertisers create traffic to their websites which helped provide links and credibility with search engines…
  • This is great for testing without spending a fortune. Traffic helps advertisers analyze the best headlines and other pieces of their campaigns before spending advertising dollars in more expensive marketplaces…


  • The viewers make money watching…

Everyone benefits. 

From what I could tell, Frederick created a legitimate program.

The problems arose because he operated on thin margins of profit but with high volume and then sold the companies when they became successful.

I know of 2 companies Frederick sold after building the volume to create profitable businesses.

The buyers were con artists!

They quit paying anything and just kept sucking money in and making excuses for not paying anyone as promised.

In one case, they even received control of prepaid amounts from participants.

Think of it this way.

Frederick creates a company with a million dollars of cash flow per month. He did better than one million per month; but, I don’t know how much better.

After paying everyone their percentages and paying his fixed overhead costs for infrastructure; he might net 3%. That’s $30,000 per month per million in cash flow or $360,000 per year.

Someone comes along and offers him $1,000,000 for his business that’s yielding $360,000 net profit. That’s pretty good; so he sells it.

I think he told me that he did manage to break the $100,000 dollar mark in a single day. My memory isn’t perfect. Let’s assume he averaged $25,000 a day, that’s $7,500,000 a month. Whatever the exact numbers, the following begins to unfold.

The new owners take over and quit paying anything out.

100% Income and 0 Expense – 

The new buyers send out announcements about the coming new improved systems, delays of the changeover, ect.

The con artists get back their entire investment in 30 days, probably double their money at 60 days, and then as more and more people get tired of not getting paid, the whole thing will dry up.

The con artists can receive a long but dwindling stream of money by offering excuses, reboots, and other programs.

They can probably quadruple their investment in 6 months to a year. They can’t get that kind of return from running the business as it was run before they bought it. It would take them 11.1 years to earn what they can create by fraud in a few months.


I don’t know who took over his websites and multiple programs he created under a variety of names.

Whoever they are may run the company as a business. They may run the company as a con game.

Whatever you do,

May You Live Long, Free & Blessed,

Don Winfield for

P.S. Frederick Mann – May You Rest In Peace… Or Discover Something Even Better On the Other Side…