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The Liberty Gang is an Individual Freedom Community dedicated to increasing the amount of Individual Freedom for Our Members and for the World...

Personal Responsibility does not exist and cannot be learned without Individual Freedom.  This is one of the primary reasons for the deterioration of the moral fabric in any society... Lack of personal responsibility follows as ruling elites take control of everything with one central planning disaster after another.

Individual Freedom is the key to unlocking Individual Opportunities most of us seek... Despite government protected bureaucrats, police, monopolies, and cartels who seek to keep us locked in place...

As strange as it may seem, we live in a world at a tipping point which will Unleash Unfettered Opportunity, Abundance, Innovation, Harmony, Health & Morality...

Our ability to realize this dream cannot be stopped by all of the bureaucratic, central planning, cartel creating, arrogant, ignorant, plundering politicians of the politically powerful on the planet.

The Political Roosters have made themselves irrelevant to one of the greatest periods of the unfolding and realization of individual potential in human history.

There is NO "We all get together and do the same thing answer through Central Planning by choosing One God Like Leader who will chart our path."

Each individual can choose his own path or join with others as seems fit at the time.  Each can reconfigure and flow as easily as water, because of individual freedom.  This encourages competition, innovation, and freeholds which erode the foundations of the Politically Powerful and the masses they manipulate.

You may not understand that the Politically Powerful do not have unshakable support...  They appear to be in control of everything...

They  pretend choosing Lackey #1 out of fear of Lackey #2 is the answer to the problems they themselves have created by presenting us again and again with horrible choice #1 versus horrible choice #2.

No one really wants the chaos the Politically Powerful create... But the politicians can pretend what they do is by demand; because, after all - people voted - therefore, anyone who voted must believe in wars, welfare, and big government policies that strip people of their rights, liberty and property.

The Politically Powerful are ruling from an established structure which encourages everyone to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, which they have selected... And that political and insane structure is on life support.

Political addiction is creating it's own meltdown as the years of fake money, fake wars, fake justice systems, cartel creation, repression of competition and innovation, repression of free markets, destruction of liberty, public stupidity training, unworkable, unreadable, and unaffordable injustice systems.  Now they are are hammering the nails into the coffin for alternative and meaningful health care.

Unexpected overnight success is created by 1,000's of persistent actions that alter the whole world as people make a new decision to take responsibility for their own lives... Then suddenly a new force is unleashed by one final decision which achieves a tipping point to create enclaves with Individual Freedom... And these enclaves provide the opportunity for new wealth creation, innovation and tools to improve every life.

It won't be us and it won't be you who adds the weight that tips the scales.  It will be the combination of all of us and others, each doing their own thing, in their own fashion; yet willing to learn from our mistakes to add a dash of this or subtract a bottleneck... To persevere and never quit.

You may have heard the quote by Martin Niemöller:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist...

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

The Politically Powerful have discovered the creation of evil and the flowering of political power can always be improved.

Today, the Ruling Elites focus on creating laws, night and day, that attack small segments of individual rights and freedoms.

There are over 140,000 pages of laws passed and most were never read by the people who passed them... And they are totally unqualified to run our lives if they had bothered.

The Politically Powerful have money taken from us to pay for hordes to propose, promote and pass into law or regulation every insult imaginable to our Freedom of Choice, Opportunity and Pursuit of Our Own Dreams.

Bills are written with names which name the opposite of what they are intended to accomplish.  Bills are passed which great harm for one segment supposedly to benefit some small segment of society when they as well as the rest of the world would benefit more from Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility and the Innovation  they create when people retain the right to use the money they created and that governments steal.

Government is the broken concept that you can make one group exempt from moral behavior and personal responsibility in order to create a moral world.  It cannot, has not and never will work... Except in fiction and in fictional accounts approved by bureaucrats of their history of their glorious accomplishment.

Government is the use of immorality and crime to create a moral and just society... Governments are the world's greatest con games.

Whenever you read this, the power addicted are passing an average 1,000 pages of laws per week and accelerating.

There are many groups who spring into existence to fight this invasion, but the legal system regulations are legion.  Even if the group wins on one occasion, the hordes are busy reintroducing the bills with new propaganda or slipping them into other bills at the last moment so they can be passed before anyone can find out what is being proposed and protest to the deaf ears of politicians who are too arrogant, ignorant, and corrupted to slow the moving walls of regulation.

Everyone loses if we play their game.  Even the monkeys who ride our backs lose more than they gain as they attempt to reach over our shoulders and take our food, our tools and our lives to give to their masters.

We have tools which sweep across the board of political power, encroaching regulation and wars.

We have the right, responsibility and opportunity to restore our rights through Jury Nullification as members of the Jury...

And we have the right, responsibility and opportunity to take command of the Grand Jury to protect each other and to begin to hold the politicians, their police, their legal systems, and trained monkeys who are addicted to political power and all of its evils accountable for their dereliction as guardians of our Individual Freedoms and Rights.

These are not our only tools.  They are more than enough if a small percentage of us will take up the challenge to market, publicize and share this information according unique talents, skills and imagination.

This is one doorway with a number of tools to help you discover what you can do based on your unique talents, skills and imagination.

It is not about you following this or any other program blindly.

To paraphrase Tom Peters; Historically, innovation comes from the wrong person, at the wrong time, with the wrong credentials, doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason, who makes a mistake, begins to wonder and investigate what went wrong, persists despite lack of support and even attack, with piddling to no funding... And they make a discovery which is a blessing to all of us.

It is called the Free Rider Blessing.

Despite what apologists for government claim, in a land with Individual Freedom and Natural Law, there is no Free Rider Problem that needs to be addressed with Government by Gun.  In Free Rider Problem Universe, you give guns to gangs to take money from everyone for some project (And oh yeah, a lot for themselves) in the theory that what some group has claimed can't be provided or supported freely must be supported by force to create a moral and just society... And if you attempt to not participate, they can kill you.

Please join our lists and organization to choose, promote or create alternatives to the existing insanity.

We honor the Free Rider Blessing.  You don't have to pay anything.  Either enough people will participate and/or we will offer other products and services as we discover what works best.  It's a curious thing; but, sales are feedback to tell you when you are right or wrong.

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