As Political Power Fails | The Free Market Prevails

As Political Power Fails
The Free Market Prevails

Political Power is no different from the power claimed by any other criminal organization. Political Power, like any criminal gang power, works this way; they will use any form of compulsion necessary to take what is yours, then use graduated levels of violence or kill you – and your loved ones – if you don’t submit.

Power over others not only corrupts, it makes the would be rulers stupid too. They may kill themselves through ignorance along with everyone else they are harming.

Most don’t understand what they are doing is evil and the top few don’t care. For those few, power is a religion. The top few pretend to serve a higher purpose when they are only feeding their power addiction.

No level of participation or committees of watchdogs can create meaningful change of any organization that is protected from free market competition and protected from individual liability for their actions.

Criminal organizations will spend fortunes convincing people to waste their time and money in attempts to change the organization. The organization speeds forward and thrives due to legalized immunity as it uses all forms of violence and dishonesty.

Evil can only thrive when there is a perception that Evil is the only solution to all our problems.

Sometimes the gangs use extortion, monopoly, licensing laws, regulators, unlawful laws backed by the farce of No Prayer of Justice Courts, Ponzi Schemes, Counterfeiting through Central Currencies, Con Games, and Wars.

TheLibertyGang posts will help you explore how power over others manifests in daily activities.

I think the easiest way to keep from being confused is: remember, government by gun is never anything other than a criminal organization that has done a great job selling criminal power as the solution to any and all injustice.

The politicians, bureaucrats, lawmakers, courts, soldiers, and police have stolen control of so much of how the world works that it is difficult for us to hear ourselves think as they wail about how the world would become a criminal empire if a criminal empire was not in control. Therefore we all have an obligation to protect the existing criminal empire. And we should be grateful to them.

Therefore we all have an obligation to protect the existing criminal empire. And we should be grateful to them!

Who can argue with that?

Today’s post teaser is from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)

The Market Is More Unanimous Than Democracy

Donald J. Boudreaux

The quotation of the day is from page 270 of my late Nobel laureate colleague Jim Buchanan‘s insightful and deep 1984 article “Rights, Efficiency, and Exchange,” as it is reprinted in volume 1 of The Collected Works of James M. Buchanan: The Logical Foundations of Constitutional Liberty (footnote deleted):

‘Within a specific legal order, if entry [into markets] is free, market exchanges are made under an implicit rule of unanimity.  If A and B voluntarily agree to an exchange, and if C remains free to offer possibly different terms to either party, there is no outcome that does not pass the consensus test.  The outcome attained can be classified as “efficient” because it reflects agreement among all parties…’

Go to this link for the rest of article…  FEE Article Link

My comments below. (Ed: Don Winfield)

In a free market economy, both parties have to say Yes or no transaction takes place.

Under government – another word for tyranny- one or even both parties can lose… And all the idiots who benefit from

And all the idiots who benefit from excess government will think they’ve done a great job; because we’re too stupid and should be grateful for their rule even though they provide a long string of failure.

Even if freedom only allowed us to do our own failures; it would be cheaper and we would learn from experience because we pay the price for our failure.

The political elite don’t have personal liability for their failures, which is just one more reason why they never learn from the catastrophic to mildly stupid results they create for the rest of us. Therefore, tell them every time and in every way “No!”

Political Power Fails: The Only Vote That Makes A Difference Is The Individual Right To Just Say "No!"

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