Black Flags and Windmills

“Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, Anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective”

by scott crow

Read the reader reviews of “Black Flags and Windmills” by following the link below.  Anarchy is another word for freedom and the good things people naturally do even when the police state is trying to stop them…

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Black Flags and Windmills” tells several stories of people attempting to help those in need while bureaucrats and police interfere and condemn.

Freedom is perfect because of the long term consequences of many short term mistakes.

Most people think of government as the elimination of mistakes… When the state is really the preservation of mistakes where they benefit the few at the expense of the many… And they use guns; because, there are not enough people stupid enough to do as the state wishes them to do and when they have to participate with their own money.

The Free Market is the only democracy that has worked in history.  Democracy plus Individual Freedom, including the Freedom to say “No!” works fine.

Democracy, as practiced, is a combination of ruling elites who enforce their tyranny with gun barrels.

WikiPedia’s definition of Anarchy is: “Anarchy is the condition of a society, entity, group of people or a single person which does not recognize authority. It originally meant leaderlessness…”

Anarchy is also used by those who use violence to create socialist, communist, fascist, or some form of democracy where they count the votes. The only change they want is be in control.

The “violence for violence sake” is not the best definition of anarchy. That’s chaos. The two are not the same.

It’s kind of nice to read about the many efforts to help others that spring naturally to aid others in distress when they have the freedom to do so and enough left after feeding the tax collectors to have ways and means to share.

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Black Flags and Windmills