Debt Crisis

Debt Crisis, Debt Money… a Con Job

Our current Debt Crisis is created by Debt Money.  Debt Money is a Con Job similar to musical chairs where in the end there is only 1 owner of the final chair.

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Dr. Jacques Jaikaran provides an excellent description of how and why this con was created and the inevitable results.

Debt based money reverses the abundance-for-all dynamics of Free Markets… And the successful are merely the last to drown.

This presentation in 1995 forecasts the calamity coming in 2012 as this con completes its conspiracy to make everyone into paupers who are not part of the conspiracy or feeding from its table.

There is no way to allow this fraud to continue without making everyone serfs to some of the lowest dregs of humanity.  The political elites promote hate, sponsor wars, design consumer products and medicines that kill, sicken, or addict.

These political elite work hand in hand with politicians and the infrastructure of bureaucrats, courts, police  and soldiers.  That infrastructure which is a foundational requirement for this fraud is held out as a false hope to change the mess.

The only resolution to the debt money con job is Unfettered Competition.  Alternatives to Debt Money must be selected and bit by bit moved into.

The current program of the 1 world global elitists is to eliminate 95% of the population of the planet, which they have determined will provide them a sufficient serving class.

One of the first things you can do is to begin to barter, use gold and silver for exchanges, seek and use alternatives to debt money.

One of the huge problems we face today is that debt money creates immorality as part of the fabric of society.

In a Free Market, you and I create wealth.

We store what we do and/or exchange what we have created for those things we want more than what we have.  All parties must come out ahead to their own satisfaction or there is no transaction.

In a debt money system, everything created will be transferred to the con artists who have created a debt that is mathematically impossible to pay and will consume everything.

As long as debt money is the system, the results are:

  • The destruction of morality,
  • The transfer of everything you make or save to ruling elites,
  • The reversal of Free Market Benefits… If you succeed – in a debt money system – the least successful  sacrifice their current work, life’s savings and children on the altar of the debt monster… First…
  • The debt monster is so obese, it may chew up and vomit your sacrifices, to feed its addiction to more…
  • Eventually everyone but the ruling elite achieves their own slavery…

Be aware, one of the dangers we face today, are the elites creating or allowing alternatives to develop so that they can destroy the alternatives and impoverish anyone who questions their authority.

Be sure to use the contact us box and/or the blog to share financial alternatives you encounter.

This end time is the most dangerous for the elites; because, the consequences of their con game can no longer be hidden.

What will happen as enough people realize what has been done and by whom?

There is a Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.”  We’re there.


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