Copyright, Patents & Individual Freedom

Copyright, Patents & Individual Freedom

The politically powerful promote the idea that the only way for business to succeed, for inventors and innovators to get to market, for great literature to be written is to use police powers in much teh same ways as used by other criminal gangs.

Do things our way or we kill you. We will warn you first, maybe. If you resist, we will kidnap and cage you, steal more than normal from you, or kill you.

Freedom and government are the opposite sides of each other.

The politically powerful are not so stupid as to tell you they are there to take your freedom, your property, your children or whatever they want whenever they please.  They lie with sincerity and will repeat their lies when exposed with such vehemence and crazy stories, that they frequently convince others to share their outrage and hate the victims.

Patriots are those who have discarded any belief in Freedom for the big lie…

Freedom can only be protected by destroying it and replacing freedom with political power… And that somehow a choice of thieves is our only alternative for change.

There is no insanity on the planet that could sustain itself for decades without the protection of the state.

After robbing, maiming, terrorizing and killing family after family; the state will rescue a small dog and snarl that without the state all small dogs would be dead…

Then the state will attack anyone who points to the families killed.  The state points again to a small dog they rescued sometime, somewhere using our money.

Now the state trumpets that only its rule will create a barrier to a world of hate.

The ruling elite would have us believe our only legitimate recourse is to join them in seeking office to become part of the controllers of this engine for evil or beg those in power to stop abusing us.


Lawrence Lessig on a small dog.

Lawrence Lessig puts it in his book The Future of Ideas:

… most of production in our society occurs without any guarantee of government protection. Starbucks didn’t get a government monopoly before it risked a great deal of capital to open coffee shops around the world.

All it was assured was that people would have to pay for the coffee they sold; the idea of a high-quality coffee shop was free for others to take.

Similarly, chip fabricators around the world invest billions in chip production plants, with no assurance from the government that another competitor won’t open a competing plant right next door. In each of these cases, and in the vast majority of cases in a free economy, one person’s great idea is open for others to take.

Lawrence Lessig presents some good information for and against different copyright regulations.


Patents, trademarks and copyrights are not the reason why people want to see others rewarded for what they have created.

We reward others in gratitude and, also, so that they will create more.

The creating more is not necessary.  Some people will give gifts and legacies in honor of others who are dead and are unlikely to be leaving new creations behind them.

Gratitude is not necessary.  Some people want to see an innovator rewarded to encourage still more and better innovations.

Some creators and inventors don’t care about either.  They invent, create, write, sing or whatever they do for their own internal drives and do not need or want the approval of the masses.


Like so many programs provided by the politically powerful, they are used frequently to the detriment of all.


Many inventors are aware that through the legal process, many great innovations come to a dead end.

The politically powerful have created processes for legalized theft where they can take someone’s invention or innovation without compensation and prosecute the individual(s) if they tell anyone.  You can’t go to court or seek legal remedies without being prosecuted.

Patents are used to keep competitive products off the market.  Many large companies buy patents to keep competition to their cash cows from the market.

Copyrights are extended to benefit mega-corporations and to halt derivative use of existing materials which could be satirized, edited for use in other formats; comic books, graphic novels, power points, video, audio recordings, video montages or who knows.

The state is a propaganda piece used by the politically powerful to commit actions that are criminal and/or violate contract under natural law.


There are those who believe that the benefits outweigh the harm of giving some group criminal powers.


R.J. Rummel, Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, states in his book, Death by Government”, his conservative estimate is governments have murdered 169,198,000 of their own citizens between 1900 and 1987.

Do the math.  The politically powerful murder 222 people per hour on average of those who are supposed to be under their protection.

That doesn’t count the wars which kill that nation’s own children as well as the soldiers and families of the countries they invade.


Watch the videos on jury nullification.  It is your right and duty to protect individuals from political abuse of power based on these 3 laws and no other.

The 2 Laws of Common Law as Summarized by Richard Maybury

1.  Do all you’ve agreed to do.

2.  Do not encroach on the person or justly acquired property of others.

My own observation on The Golden Rule of Natural Law:

“The only way to protect your Rights and Freedoms is to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of… I can conceive of no other way.”

May You Live Long, Free & Blessed,

Don Winfield

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