Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity | Creative Commons

Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity…

And the Creative Commons

Larry Lessing provides another excellent presentation with a lot insights about the benefits from the creative commons copyright approach.

Enjoy this Ted talk and then read on for why the creative commons needs more individual freedom to define it, alter it, test it and improve it.

One of our main problems is attempting to solve all problems by selecting the 1 best choice. We’re not that smart.

1.  Free markets, even in law, are necessary to discover the good and bad in our choices. Free Markets allows people to test and select competing ideas which in their Individual Opinion serves them best and that may provide benefits and rewards to all… And they can change their mind and choices without an act of congress…  Or

2.  We stick to allowing only 1 answer (because some group of politically powerful got their controls passed) and we punish, imprison or kill those who disagree…

I prefer number 1.

Individual Freedom is the answer to the problem of ruling elites. The only democracy in history worth bragging about is the Free Market.

Let Individual Freedom provide the answers or tyranny will.


Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity…  And the Creative Commons

Don Winfield Senior Editor