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How Freedom Works – Click to Start Here Now –

What is this image?  It is the earliest known cuneiform expression of the idea of Freedom.  It is one of our doorways to learn how Freedom Works.




Monthly Training

Each month we provide you amazing resources.  You can review this month’s training as well as all previous training right here.

Why a starfish?  Because, if you cut a starfish in half or cut off one of its legs, you end up with more fully grown starfish.  That’s a fitting description for an organization dedicated to Individual Freedom.




Social Activity

I hope a lot of social activity is going to develop answers for those who want to know how everything will work if the omniscient politicians who use force instead of Free Choice are not in charge of everything.  They haven’t noticed the world isn’t perfect with a political elite running things.

Eventually, we will have live seminars and other gatherings to celebrate our Freedoms and our Differences.

As with any good social site, you will decide where ours goes.




Ask Questions

We not only encourage questions, we will provide links to ask questions of future guest speakers and those you have heard in our recorded presentations.  Periodically, we will ask our guests to answer the most frequently asked questions to build a searchable, downloadable, printable data base(s) of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Your questions will guide us in selecting our upcoming speakers.



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Please use our “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every page.  This puts your contact into a system where we can more easily see what we have replied to and what we have pending.