Delusions are merely maps we have created that do not match reality… Or perhaps accepted reality.  We live in delusions of our choosing.  Can we choose our delusions more effectively than we have in our past?

As we grow and learn we exchange one map for another or one delusion for another.

Since you have found your way to this page, you may be seeking to discover the things you don’t understand about your current map of reality… Or you may just be wanting to test how much flexibility you have created in your map and are looking for challenges for your perceptions.

“We are all delusional and seeking new maps for higher, more helpful orders of delusion.”

If you prefer the term “reality map” over “delusions” that’s fine.  Consider that the choice you left behind may have something to teach you about how you wish to view your own ability to see without prejudice.

Understanding our delusional reality maps provides important understanding about ourselves, our pasts, and others.

One of my most important learning experiences occurred when my own arrogance and ignorance sent me on a quest to understand why other people could be so stupid in the face of the facts… Generally the “facts” were what I believed at the moment.

Concept #1 – There are virtually no facts, only opinions.  (To follow that rabbit trail, I highly recommend:  If you can’t afford the monthly membership, enroll for 1 month and download the introductory training on “Your Wish Is Your Command” and listen over and over and over again. You will learn a lot about how you create your reality.)


Concept #2 – Read these next 4 sentences out loud.

Read these out loud or as a whisper if you are in company.


Next read this statement out loud and count how many times the letter “F” is in this paragraph.

Count how many times the letter “F” appears in this sentence.


Our minds filter what we see and we literally cannot see what is in front of us when our mind is expecting or holding onto something else.

You may see everything here perfectly.  You may have seen this before and remember.  You have seen this before and don’t remember you have seen these demonstrations before.  All of us have memories that are extraordinary in their ability to be wrong.

Most people who have not seen the triangles before will overlook an extra “the” and extra “a”.

The wording in the 1st triangle says “Paris in the the Spring.”  Most people do not see the extra “The.”  Your brain edits what you see to see what you expect to see.

After being fooled by the 1st demonstration, I knew the second demonstration must be able to fool me as well.

I went to extremes in counting the “f’s” in the paragraph.  I allowed my eyes to cross and looked for a hidden “f” that might be imbedded in the pattern if I looked at it in just the right way.

Finally, I gave in and stated I counted 3.  I then went down to see the answer of how many “f’s” were in the paragraph and the answer was “six”.

I couldn’t see the f’s in the word “of.”  Perhaps it’s because our eye sees the “F” but the brain hears the “v” sound of the word “of.”  It sounds like “ov.”

So the brain says, “I don’t know what that letter is; but, it can’t be an “F”, because it doesn’t sound right.”

The lesson for me was and is; “What we believe influences what can see.”

Therefore it is a good idea to be aware you can be very fallible and very positive because of the limited perceptions your mind is allowing you to see, while being totally wrong.

This demonstration of my own fallibility opened doors for me to question many things I believed.

I began to question and do my best to listen to new information as if it were correct when hearing it for the 1st time.  Later, I would go back and question.

My abilities to really listen still suck.  I hate to think how bad they would be without the improvements I have made.

Add these quick quotes to think about and help you keep your mind open so that you can question the reality you see:

“When you find that you are on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect”  —  Mark Twain


“Almost everything that almost everyone believes is wrong.” — Andrew J. Galambos


“If you have no successful example to follow in whatever endeavor you choose, you may simply look at what everyone else around you is doing and do the opposite, because – The Majority Is Always Wrong.”  — Earl Nightingale, Lead the Field Audio Series


“If you believe everything you read, better not read.” — old Japanese proverb


We will save memory and other ways we fool ourselves for a separate article.


Ride with The Liberty Gang

The 2 laws of common law:

1. Do Not Encroach Upon the Person or Property of Others.  (Some prefer aggress or trespass.  Any choice works better than legal systems you cannot read, understand or afford controlled by the biggest thieves and abusers of the rights of others in the world.) 

2. Do What You Have Agreed to Do.

The Golden Rule of Natural Law

The only way to protect your Individual Freedom and Rights, which are your source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Freedom and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.

This is the only way.

Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Freedom and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.

Let’s face it, agreeing to protect only those just like you is not going to create a lot of harmony in the world.  

It’s time to grow up.  Leave the day dreams of you as a 6 year old child behind that the world would be a wonderful place if only you had control of the world.  It wasn’t true then. It isn’t true now.  

The only solution is for you to control your world and allow others to do the same.  Then those who have grown up enough can learn from each other.

This is the only way.

Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Freedom and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.