Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom??? We Will Not Teach You to How to Become Rich…

Because We Can Point You to Training by the Mega-Wealthy With Fortunes in the Mega-Millions to Billions Who Are Defying Their Networks to Provide You the Financial Freedom Secrets You Need to Create Your Personalized, Unique World

Henry Ford was brilliant.  Many thought him stupid because he didn’t know the details and opinions they knew.

Henry Ford was brilliant; but, in different ways from the average.  He also did his best to suppress education (defined as increasing one’s independence and abilities), by helping to create a public school system aimed at creating workers who could not think for themselves.  He tried to keep Napoleon Hill’s classics “The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons” and even the abbreviated version “Think and Grow Rich” from being published… And he did succeed in having a lot of necessary details removed from both books which is still missing today.

Keep in mind, you are unique.  Look for something that feels right for you.  Not just something that you think will work.  Select something that in some way resonates with you.


The Link below provides “How To” Training from the Ultra Wealthy in Defiance of a Code of Silence about How To Effectively Create Greatness in Your Life in the Arena(s) of Your Choosing”  (You can’t do them all at once.)

They provide the Secrets missing from “The Secret”, “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Magic of Thinking Big,” and so many other courses that are well meaning and sabotage most people who follow their advice.

I have created Dream Books, Goals, Set Deadlines, Created Business Plans and many other steps I was taught in seminars, books, audios, and videos.  And even though they did some good, the results were not lasting nor easy.

Start here and decide for yourself.  You must be willing to listen and use what you hear or don’t bother.

When you have a chance to test drive a car, you don’t just sit nearby and imagine what it would be like.  That won’t tell you how the experience will actually feel.  Get in the car and drive it to learn what it feels like.

You must drive this program or don’t bother.  Come back when you’re ready to dedicate the time to start listening and using what you learn.

If you know or suspect, your thoughts may not be supportive of where you wish to go: you can use this as an immersion program.  Listen again and again to change your thinking and learn how to effectively change your thinking for your dreams.

Most of what you are learning is mental.  This isn’t complicated.  It does require action; even though most of the action is in your brain.

Our Financial Freedom Genii Gazing Back at Us


The Turtle Program for Financial Freedom

We have one program for those who don’t believe they have the money to pursue any opportunity if it presents itself.  They further believe if they can afford an opportunity, it can’t be any good.

This is a slow and steady program that anyone can do if they commit to average performance and a monthly rearrangement of some of their food choices.

We call this Financial Freedom for Turtles.  It’s a 1 to 2 year journey that doesn’t cost you anything; but, that’s only true if eat a highly nutritious meal replacement product instead of some of your other meal choices in order for it to be free or even save you money.

It is possible that if you are living on Cereal and Dog Food, you will have to earn a little more money for your food budget.  It remains doable and will improve your nutrition levels.

The psychology of this program is exceptional.  Follow this link to discover more.  Then come back and investigate the program below which is about taking your uniqueness and tapping into the universe to discover a world designed for you.

Financial Freedom for Turtles 

In the right environment turtles can swim up to 35 miles per hour.  In the right environment you may discover you are not the turtle you think you are.

If the thought of money repels you, please, see our link on Money and Financial Freedom.

Abundance is created when 2 people provide goods or services where both parties feel they are coming out ahead or there is no transaction.

Creating abundance in your life can only be accomplished by creating abundance in the life of others.  The obvious exception is any kind of criminal activity whether of private enterprise or the governmental variety.

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