College Scam

College Scam

College Scam: Are you waking to the College Scam… How to start your working life with a crushing debt load… Day 1 to transfer their life’s earnings to political elites…

ABC 20/20 – College is a Rip Off

Watch this 7′:26″ presentation by 20/20’s John Stossel:



Peter Schiff — Just skip college!

College education is a complete waste of time… With Alternative Strategy for Gainful Employment…



College means you start looking for a job with 4 years of virtually worthless information (instead of qualifications) and a crushing debt load.

Take the time to investigate alternatives or come up with your own… It will be difficult to do worse than the herd.


The purpose of many things we take for granted are designed to begin the transfer of your lifetime earnings to Political Elites.  College is a scam to handicap you and get you into debt that most will never recover from.

The political elite have made it almost impossible to bankrupt these loans you were sold by politicians and the education establishment who began brainwashing you with your 1st day of school.

Today many universities and colleges have so much in funding, they need not ever again charge any student a penny.  Like all hucksters, they wail about lack of funding and demand constant increase for some of the most stupidly expensive and criminally worthless training on the planet.

Education should serve a purpose for you of your choosing.

There are many ways to get an education.  You have access to more information and training through the internet than any college or university offers.


Here is what Steve Jobs, a college dropout, had to say about education.  It did not include getting tens of thousands in debt and seeking a job.

Steve Jobs – Voucher Credits & Education Monopoly


Steve Jobs: Computers Can Revolutionize the Entire Education Process

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address



And George Carlin can make you ask questions and laugh.  Both are starting points for real thinking…



What the world needs more of are entrepreneurs and what the world needs less of are control freaks, wars and tax collectors,

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