Financial Freedom Secrets Revealed Or Sabotaged?

Private Jets or Just Increased Freedom & Choices

Private Jets or Just Increased Freedom & Choices?

Did A Small Group of Multimillionaires and Mega Billionaires Defy Their Elite Brotherhoods to Share Financial Freedom Secrets… Were They Sabotaged & Shut Down? A Con Game?? Or???

Was the Uber Rich Financial Freedom

Secrets Program Revealed?


Imagine a 1 Terrabyte (That’s a really big memory for today’s computers.) Laptop Computer and pretend its memory represents everything you know.

Is there more information available on your computer or on the Internet?

If you know how to tap into the reources of the internet, you have increased what you can access by billions of times.

Which is more important when you are looking for answers, the limited amount you have on your computer or an ability to tap into the internet???

You may wonder; but, what about all of the information on the internet which is wrong.  That’s a good question.  And it is also true that not everything in your computer is correct either and yet you use it everyday with some success.

Which is more effective, one person doing something with limited skills and abilities who creates mistakes and successes or a treasure trove of information that lacks the ability to use or learn from all the information it holds?

Information must be used to be valuable. Mistakes must be learned from or your available information is just a labyrinth you will stay lost in.

Is Your Life Indicating Something Is Wrong with Your Thinking and Your Doing?

In order to access the internet, you have to know how to use browsers, search engines and more.  If you do, you have increased your personal abilities… But only if you know how.

Now which is more important knowing how to use what you have on your laptop or knowing how to access and Use what is available on the internet?

Therefore it’s a really good idea to know how to tap into additional resources wherever you can find them and effectively use them.

Wait:  This is a really important Financial Freedom point… “Missing Information”

With all of the vast resources of the internet, it does not include everything or the minds that can learn from and integrate the information into useful outcomes.

What can be more important than all of those facts and opinions?

The information missing from the internet includes people’s skills, dreams, talents, what has just happened in their lives which may be driving them and the unique combinations each has available… Plus Prioritized Action!

It is missing the tragedies, the triumphs and the little decisions setting us on a new path which will bring resources to our doorsteps we probably never dreamed of.

It doesn’t provide that information each person keeps to themselves for whatever reason…

Is that untapped, uncharted territory that has the most promise, ability and certainty to help us create the lives we want?

Can we discover how to tap into uncharted resources using Ancient and Secret Techniques which have been actively suppressed by the super wealthy?

Now Go Learn By Doing… Starting Now, Now, Now…


Re: The Secret and other things which don’t quite work…

Part 1:

In some way, we all pretty much understand the truth behind
 the concept taht Earl Nightingale expressed as: “We become what we think about most of the time…”

We have at least 2 major ways of thinking.

One we call the “Conscious” and the other “Subconscious.”

One challenge is, how to change beliefs that we don’t want and 
can’t seem to do much about.

They are held in place at the subconscious level.

You may have occasionally made progress only to feel 
the world slipping past you again.

You reload your determination and go chasing your dreams

Learning how to make changes at the subconscious level 
which controls your life in almost every way is one of the 
most astonishing revelations you can ever experience.

There is No one word key or phrase that I can give you here; 
but, I can introduce you to personal training from masters who 
are sharing Success Secrets With the Differences that make 
a Difference.

This is up Free for a while.  The attendees paid $10,000
 each to attend.

And now the company is gone…

You may be able to find the recordings by Kevin Trudeau by searching for “Your Wish Is Your Command”

Was it sabotaged? Was it a con game?? Or ???



You may have seen the hit movie “The Secret”, read some of 
the great books like “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Magic of 
Thinking Big,” “Psycho-Cybernetics,” and many others…

Although you can tell they are leading you in the right direction,
somehow they never seem quite enough.

You may have labored long and hard to accumulate your
 personal nest egg, only to discover it provides little comfort
 when you should feel secure.  Inflation, taxes, and legalized 
theft put everything you have accumulated at constant risk.

If you feel moderately successful, you may still need a little 
magic to discover secrets of security.

I have been through many “How to” training programs that I 
hoped would teach me to be more effective in creating 
my dreams.

If work were the only requirement, almost everyone would 
have way more than enough.

Most of the training programs I have spent countless hours 
with have been about “How to do whatever…”

I’m sure you’ve been through programs you followed which did not
 work as promised even though you worked them.

If you’ve ever seen The Secret or been through a goal achieving 
program, you have experienced following their instructions and failing.

I had a few pleasant surprises from these materials.

The First Program was “Your Wish Is Your Command” which provides the tools to help program your thoughts effectively.

As Earl Nightingale stated in his audio program, “The Strangest Secret” – “You become what you think about most of the time.”

What if the instructions were designed so you could not fail if you 
follow the instructions?

What if there were no examples of failure in your mind to remind you 
that you have failed before and probably can’t make it work this time 

This program opens the doors to better ways of creating your best
life.  Check it out for yourself.  I think we can do some incredible 
things with it.

This program is taught by Kevin Trudeau who was worth Mega Millions 
and who started with nothing.  It contradicts and explains why so 
much of what is taught is wrong.

However Kevin went to prison for contempt charges. He wrote a book and promoted it and the government claimed he had lost his rights to “Freedom of Speech”

He was order to pay $30 Million or some ridiculous amount and he didn’t happen to have $30,000,000 liquid to give to the thieves.

The company died and Kevin went to prison.

He claimed the program he taught is not his.

You have seen the movies about Secret Societies, like Skull and 
Bones, The Illuminati, the Brotherhood, the Masons, etc.

It’s not a Secret that they exist.

What has been Secret are the methods they teach to master wealth and/or steal, con, extort wealth through the use and abuse of power over others.

According to Kevin, some people are greedy and think themselves to be 
a superior breed who deserve whatever they can take no matter how
 they take it.

While a small group within their members were rebelling to share the 
flames of knowledge so that anyone who is willing to learn can begin 
to manifest greatness for themselves, friends, family, their networks 
and all mankind.

Was the program really the Financial Freedom Secrets taught in the Secret Societies of the world?

One of the suggestions on the second recording is to listen in about 
20 minute increments.  Then do something else, even if only for 5 minutes, and come back for 
another 20 minute session.

The only drawback with that is it takes a lot longer to get to where you
begin to change your life.  So if that’s the way you choose; because,
 you know it will be easier for you, Kevin says straight through still 

Using 20 minute increments is a good habit for many things.  It helps 
keep you from multitasking.

Multitasking is a formula where you can sabotage the important things 
you do with the unimportant.

In a world with individual freedom and free markets, you can become 
wealthy by accident.

In a world with individual freedom and free markets, you have unlimited and unfettered opportunity.

In a world without individual freedom and free markets, you still have unlimited opportunity; but, you need a higher level of thinking to overcome the deliberate sabotage created by the politically powerful to protect their empire.

In a world without individual freedom and free markets, you need guidance in order to take and use 
100% responsibility for your life as politicians attempt to take control of everything.

When you decide to find out more about how to take control of your life
, follow this link and do it.

Are there Financial Freedom Secrets taught in the Secret Societies of the World…

Part 2:

If a training program doesn’t work in your life on its own, it’s not worth teaching 
to others.

The company (GIN – Global Information Network) that supplied this training was a multi-level marketing company. My MLM experiences have rarely been worth the time and effort.

MLM’s do provide opportunity to meet others and network with like minded people.

I enrolled.

If something has more value to me than the cost of enrolling, whether I sell the first person or not, then I likely go ahead.

As I said above, I have completed the Introductory Training Program and already 
experienced some pleasant surprises.

If the information won’t work for things other than promoting the company, it’s not worth a lot. This training has been around and creating success since before multi-level marketing companies were invented.

And what a waste of incredible talent, skills, networks and experiences would
 be lost if everyone just promoted the sale of the information without using it to tap into their own unrealized magnificence.

You are 1 in 6 billion.

Your challenge is to take what you know and use it with your own

Continue your own growth and share with others as it makes sense to you.

Just remember you are 1 in 6 Billion.  You owe it to yourself and the world
 to discover how happy and wonderful your life can be.

Live Long, Free & Blessed,
Don Winfield

Individual Freedom | Individual Liberty

PS – I have strong objections to most MLM’s.  My objections or standards have come from years of different programs collapsing or closing. The work I’ve done goes down the drain along with what is promoted as “Walk-Away” Income.

I have come to the conclusion, most MLM’s offer revenue streams that get up and “Walk Away” leaving you that much poorer.

That’s why my first qualification os that I would buy the product whether I intended to sell it or not at that price.

If you don’t believe in the product enough to buy it, whether you intend to market it or not, it isn’t worth promoting.  If it is a valuable product, it may make sense to share it with friends, family and networks.

MLM’s are very rarely going to last. Less than 5% are still in existence after 5 years. This includes MLM’s backed by Fortune 500 companies.

You may have worked at McDonalds or some other essentially dead end job. You can still learn a lot and it may be appropriate as a step in your personal education.

Seek to grow beyond where you are, high or low. And remember to seek to find what you should seeking.