Financial Freedom | Individual Success…

Financial Freedom | Individual Success Depend on You… Not the Economy… Not the Regulatory Environment… YOU!

According to figures from the Small Business Administration, small business, entrepreneurs and the self-employed are responsible for 75% of all new employment.  Your Financial Freedom comes from your individual success in helping others create their financial freedom and individual success.

Instead of looking for a job, it is our responsibility to provide revenues to others.  We are problem solvers… Solving problems for others creates wealth and abundance for all.

Most jobs from big business are in the nature of firing someone and hiring someone else for less money.  There’s little net gain.  Most of their growth comes from buying other businesses.

Government Jobs, War and Welfare are a net loss for benefit to society…

  • Government employees will get 50% more than you or I for doing the
    same work and will complain about being underpaid…
  • They are almost impossible to fire…
  • You and I are required to pay them at the point of a gun…
  • Any competition or charities may be put out of business by regulations forbidding anyone else from doing what the bureaucrats do…
  • They can be relied on to vote for more government and taxes…
  • War is unique; but, incredibly counterproductive and stupid…

Governments can do nothing until you and I have created enough for them to take our money, ideas, freedoms and family members to support wars, welfare and bureaucratic stupidity.

Just think, they have decided that after we create something, we’re too stupid to know what to do with it and how to manage it… Therefore, they will control it for us and take money from us at the point of a gun in case we don’t think that’s a good idea.

If this economy is going to turn around, it is up to you and me…  Not the guys with the guns.  No matter how important they make themselves look dressed and wearing adornments paid for with our money, they are incompetent at anything past getting elected and doing whatever it takes to increase their power, position, paychecks, perks, and perversions.

Anyone who is on this site desires and deserves a better life.  We are the source of wealth, morality, justice, health, our own happiness, and inner peace.

And you and I can create massive improvements faster than the politically powerful can steal it,  misuse it and destroy it.  All of the mealy mouthed politicians claiming they can run the economy are those whose ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance.

This woman created a 6 figure income for herself from her bed after a series of surgeries.

We can conclude:
  • She’s pretty smart…
  • Her methods had to be simple or you can’t do them from bed…
  • They worked…

One of the caveats for Individual Success for Financial Freedom is; “Find a starving audience and create a situation where everyone wins.”

Follow this link to find out more.  It’s a video well worth your time.

You can either judge this opportunity before you look or after you look.  One of those is a smart decision although I’m not certain why.

You see there is too much out there for all of us.  The information is overwhelming.

How do we know when something is worth our while to stop and examine?

That’s one of my responsibilities.

I can tell you I have purchased Laura’s training.  I am looking forward to taking this weekend to go through it thoroughly and take initial steps as I watch, listen and read.

I know you’re swamped.  But if you need money, are willing to learn and to act providing benefits for everyone; you will find this video worth your time.

May You Live a Long, Free & Blessed Life,

Don Winfield Editor

Liberty Marketing Network Enterprises

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One important thing we hope we can reinforce for you is your own ability to accomplish a life that will fulfill you no matter what your current circumstances or lunacy being hatched by the politically powerful.

We want to remind you that almost all new employment comes from small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is people like you and I who change the economy despite the damage inflicted on all of us by the lunatics in DC in both parties.

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Now follow this link to find out more about how you can help local business, your local economy and everyone around you.  It’s a video well worth your time for your Individual Success for Financial Freedom.