Insanity Paradox

Insanity Paradox

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
— Attributed to Albert Einstein

Great quote and Consider this:

Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield were turned down by 129 publishers.  Last time I checked, they had sold over 143 million books.

Were they insane to keep seeking and expecting different results?

Dr. Seuss was turned down by 27 different publishers.

Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken was turned down 1009 times when he tried to sell his chicken recipe for use by restaurants.

Walt Disney was turned down 302 times before getting his financing to build “The Happiest Place on Earth!”

Is Einstein wrong or…

Niels Bohr, the brilliant physicist and chemist said,
“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”

“The weak student picks one and discards the other. The strong student thinks about the contradiction and when and why each side of it might apply.”
– Brett Feinstein, by email, Tuesday, July 9, 5:07AM

This insight can keep you entertained many an afternoon if you review your most cherished beliefs and consider their opposites…

Plus consider whether or not some “truth” may have assumptions embedded within that when discovered reveal may reveal a more practical truth.

I suspect that changes were made as our Heroes were told “No!” several hundred times.

Now Einstein’s quote might mean you need to adapt what you are doing to get different results…

But as many sales people have discovered the same presentation will get different results at different times with different people.

Just think about a print advertisement.  The reason it works is because it allows you to fail faster while doing the exact same thing.

Nonetheless, the Insanity Paradox is worth keeping in mind.

There is a lot to be discovered from 2 apparently contradicting things.

Why bring this up?

We want to encourage you to question any beliefs you may have that make you think we’re insane.  Maybe?  And then again???

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And In the Insanity Category…

You may wonder why government agencies repeat their mistakes and claim that if something isn’t doing what they promised, it’s only because it’s not big enough, they need more power, need more of other people’s money and need all choices to what they are doing eliminated.

Actually that is not insane…

Every time bureaucrats create a situation that doesn’t work, it provides an excuse to increase their power, position, prestige, paychecks, perks, and perversions.

What’s not to love about an ever expanding pool of failure when it benefits the power addicts in so many ways?

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