Some People Confuse Money with Federal Reserve Notes and Other Forms of Counterfeiting… Do You?

Some People Think Their Success Must Be Based on Taking Money and Property from Others… Do You?

If your money beliefs are false, they will not take you in the direction you think you are going.  They may take you in a direction you absolutely would not want to go, if you understood why those false beliefs are sabotaging your life.

There are a few basics about “money” that will help you overcome “fear and loathing of money.”

Money is simply the creation of value in the eyes of others.  You can create things that have value only to you and that’s fine.  Until such time as what you create has value to others, it has no value to improve multiple lives.

This provides people an incentive to discover ways to help others.

In Free Markets, both parties must feel they are improving their situation or there is no transaction.

Governments create transactions where everyone loses except the Politically Powerful… And even they lose in the long run.

The Politically Powerful are willing to keep everyone living in a pig sty so long as they have a slightly better corner in that pig sty and power over those condemned to live in their pig sty.

“Money” is a store of value…

Government pieces of paper with numbers on them or electronic digits with No intrinsic value are strictly tools for con artists, thieves and the Politically Powerful.

If everyone got a million dollars in paper money tomorrow, the world is no better off.

If the Abundance Fairy gave everyone a chair tomorrow, everyone would be richer.  Although the chair industry might lose some business for a while… And maybe not.  It could be now everyone would want more matching chairs to make a set.

To prove that paper money does not increase the wealth in the world, get out a piece of paper and write $1,000,000 on it.  That’s all that Federal Reserve Notes are.  Are you any richer now that you have a piece of paper with $1,000,000 on it?  What if you write a $1,000,000,000 on it?  Does writing a number on a piece of paper create wealth?

Going back to our Abundance Fairy – Let’s say she didn’t give everyone a chair… But, everyone were to stop and make a chair tomorrow, everyone in the world would be better off.

Writing a number on a piece of paper does not create wealth.

Creating goods and services does.

Your time, energy, innovations, and work that others value is what creates abundance.

The Politically Powerful understand these facts and do their best to make certain the people they rule do not; because, it provides the Politically Powerful incredible opportunity for fraud, theft and con games.

Those paper promises provided by governments provide hard evidence of:

  • Counterfeiting,
  • Fraud,
  • Extortion,
  • Theft,
  • Kidnapping,
  • And murder of anyone who thinks they can assert their own rights…

Before we get into a little bit of history about money…

This is where we are going with this page:

“Money and Wealth are created by serving the needs and wants of others.  The amount you accumulate depends on how well you create benefits for others.  (Outside of criminal activity by amateurs or the professional criminal classes.)


Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple,  is one example of someone who created tremendous benefit for everyone and by providing benefits to others, he and the world became richer.


Therefore, as you become richer, you enrich everyone in the world.


Financial Freedom is a blessing in more ways than you understand today.


Your understanding will improve. You will discover you and everyone in the world can enjoy a much richer life.


Both parties have to value what they are gaining over what they are losing or the transaction does not take place.  This is the nature of Free Markets.  Both parties come out ahead.


Please note if a politician calls a plate full of dirt a delicious nourishing meal; you will be very disappointed when you attempt to eat it.


Politicians call their centrally planned failures “Free Markets” and other such terms so that when their next disaster unfolds, they can blame their results on Freedom and claim they need more control over your life and more control over your money.

Free Markets are a blessing.  Any attempt to remove them ends in disaster.  We’ll explain that more thoroughly in a separate and full presentation.  I’ll give you some hints now.

You can’t limit free markets without giving someone power to control the actions of others and that power will corrupt them.

Central planning is the alternative to Free Markets. Central planning has been demonstrated more times in history to be a complete fuck-up than almost any other thing.

You can’t eliminate Free Markets without committing crimes and those crimes corrupt the fabric of society.  We’ll dig into this later.

If you read about the evils of money, stop and consider what someone is talking about.


Is someone saying that it is evil to create value for others and make exchanges where both parties come out ahead?


Or are they saying it is evil to lie, cheat, steal, extort, counterfeit, and commit fraud to take the possessions of others?


What Is Money?

Doug Casey, the author of “Crisis Investing” the first number one position financial book ever on the New York Times Bestseller List, had this to say in an interview:

Aristotle defined five reasons why gold is money in the fourth century BC (which may only have been the first time it was put down on paper). Those five reasons are as valid today as they were then. A good form of money must be:

  1. durable,
  2. divisible,
  3. consistent,
  4. convenient,
  5. have value in and of itself…

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