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Re: “The Government Does Not Support Your Right to Your Individual Freedom and Rights of Health Choice…

“The Politically Powerful Want to Eliminate Your Right to Nutrients; Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Devices, Information, Opinion, Explorations or Anything Not Supported by Their Drug Addicting Monopolies and Cartels…”

The Politically Powerful have the money to employ people 24 hours a day 7 days a week to eliminate your right to Health Choice as they attempt to slip a bill past us or write a horrible new rule into some other bill that is up for vote.

The example below is past. Your Rights and Freedom for Health Choice won.

However, many such victories disappear in a Midnight Vote or as a last minute add-on we never even knew about until too late.

The links will take you the site with more information if you are not familiar with these attempts to abuse power and steal your rights and freedoms… Although that battle is past, you may learn from it.

The feds want every manufacturing innovation and nutrient discovery of the last 17 years to be reclassified as “new” and removed from the market until someone pays the FDA hundreds of millions of dollars for testing.
This would eliminate many of your choices and increase what you pay on everything.
For instance, CoQ10 which is a Godsend for those with heart diseases or who don’t want to develop heart disease.
It was discovered that Ubiquinone form was an improvement over the previous version.
Then it was discovered the Ubiquinol form was 8 times better for you than the Ubiquinone form which was better than the forms offered up to that time.
All of this has happened in the last ten years or so.  Therefore these forms which are healthier for you at lower dosages and have more benefit at a price savings will be outlawed until someone pays hundreds of millions for testing for a product no one has exclusive rights to and it is a natural substance.
It won’t happen.  You’ll just lose another right and choice for health.
The pHarmaceuticals pay the FDA Billions of Dollars each year…
Nutrients interfere with the need for drugs and the demand for lifetime drug use.
The FDA is doing its best night and day to eliminate competition to the drug cartels whose money washes through the halls of power in DC.

Follow this link to find out what you can do:

This alert is taken from Dr. W.C. Douglass’s newsletter.  I’m a subscriber and it was his alert that warned me of this latest big government assault on freedom, common sense, your pocket book, and health.
“The FDA considers “new” anything introduced within the last 17 years, since the 1994 passage of the badly named Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act.That means a supplement you’ve safely relied upon for the better part of two decades could be ripped right off the shelves overnight for containing an unapproved “new” ingredient.
What’s more, anything on the market before 1994 has to remain precisely the same, or else. Even the tiniest alteration would force it into “new ingredient” purgatory.But wait! There’s more: The proposed rules could be the death knell for powerful and important synthetic vitamins and popular herbal extracts regardless of how long they’ve been around — leaving you at the complete mercy of Big Pharma for many common conditions.Adding insult to this assault, Senator Dick Durbin recently introduced a bill that would force supplement makers to use mandatory, arbitrary, and unscientific warning labels written by the drug-industry hacks at the Institute of Medicine.Ironically, both the FDA and Durbin launched their plots to rob you of your healthcare independence right before the Independence Day weekend, when most Americans were already on vacation and not paying attention to the headlines.

Let your senators and congressman know you’re paying attention. Tell them they can have your vitamins when they pry ’em from your cold, dead hands.

The Alliance for Natural Health has been all over these stories from the beginning, and you’ll find full coverage on their Web site — along with an easy way to contact both the FDA and your lawmakers. Click here to learn more.

Follow this link & decide for yourself:

May You Live a Long, Free & Blessed Life,
Don Winfield, Your Editor
P.S.  DC is our enemy.  They consider us serfs who must sacrifice anything they request to fulfill their dreams, schemes and power plays.  They don’t believe you have an individual right to Health Choice.
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