How Freedom Works

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We are converting and creating articles PowerPoint/KeyNote presentations, downloadable audio files for MP3 players, as transcripts and eventually as a Kindle Book which we will continually update or add to.

One of our primary purposes is to help you become a World Class Expert on “How Freedom Works… And Why Government by the Ignorant and Arrogant with Guns Does Not and Can Never Work”

You will receive announcements as each part of Your Freedom Exploration is created.

You will find this to be fascinating and fun.  These same programs are going to teach you about yourself and open doors to your continual, personal evolution.

Coming Soon:

  • X-Prize Creation and Funding for Individual Freedom and Competition to the Cartels,
  • The Value of Paradox,
  • How to Use Trusts and Contracts instead of Government permissions to form companies and families,
  • Choose or Create and Post Your Personal Moral Code, the System(s) of Law You Agree to Adhere to, and the Dispute Resolution Method(s) or Provider(s) of Your Choice,
  • Health Freedom will share what we think we know today and explore how we can use the mind boggling phenomenon unveiled through Quantum Physics to create healing and health fields through quantum entanglement that we can each contribute to and benefit from,
  • Innovation:  How we can innovate/discover and/or help those others who are seeking ways to change the world for the better,
  • Free Market Economics: How and Why Imperfect Individual Freedom allows the best of everything to happen,
  • Financial Freedom:  One of the best ways to defeat the overlords (overlards? really fat and ravenously hungry) is to create such abundance that their theft, extortion and frauds no longer make any difference.  We can move out of their control and create more abundance, opportunity and happiness outside of their system than they can imagine.   Additionally Financial Freedom is about being free from financial stress which has numerous ill effects on our happiness, health and ability to be charitable, giving and loving,


We will share, explore and question this information through:

  • Contests, (Help us create TLG Patches, Symbols and more)
  • The exploration of what appears to be paradox,
  • Interviews,
  • Articles,
  • Videos,
  • Mutli-Media Presentations,
  • Surveys,
  • And other training tools for the Individual Freedom (IF).  IF is hated and feared by the Politically Powerful, their lapdogs and paid attack dogs…

It’s gonna be fun…

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The only way to protect your Individual Rights and Freedoms, which are the source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.

There is no other way.

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