“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.”
— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche,
Beyond Good and Evil [1885-1886]

We do not want to become one of the shadows of darkness.

Whether in fairy tales or in real life, you find cautions against: becoming the thing you resist.

And there is a huge problem for all of us.  At one time of another we have helped those with political power or we did not take a stand against the insanity promoted through the world of politics.

We didn’t know any better.  We fell for the “wrong people in charge myth” and attempted to use the “right people in charge myth”… And some of us fell along the way.

Some became seduced by the use of force against others.  Why persuade or lead by example, when you can use force and not even bother with persuasion and certainly not by example?

Some burned themselves out.  After doing something which consumed their time, money and social networks which didn’t work, they did not continue their quest to discover something that would.

The wicked, by accident or design, have created a conundrum for all of us.  We are trapped in a web where many have come to believe they are dependent on the use of force for the world to work.

Those on social security are living on the labor stolen from their grandchildren.

The professional criminal class merrily steal from the serfs and give a little to another serf… Only after chewing away a huge chunk of the loot for their gluttonous spending to support themselves and their power over anyone who is not a member of the ruling elite.

The social security tax was a fraud from the start.  The moneys defrauded and/or extorted from the early participants was promptly blown by the politically powerful for their schemes and dreams.  The Politically Powerful thrived while pissing away someone else’s money.

Many of the social security recipients are dependent on money stolen and defrauded from their children and grand children.

Social Security is neither charity nor insurance.  It is a fraud pretending to be both.  Perpetuating fraud is not its solution.

Charity has been replaced by crime with the criminals giving away a part of their loot while pretending to be worthy of respect, worship and more power.

Most people want to see those who are dependent helped.  The politically powerful use people’s good nature against them, all the while, wailing how lucky we are to have them in charge.  And we’re supposed to believe only the politically powerful separate us from Hell.

We’re not going to get into the How To’s of How To Undo what has been done here; except to plant one seed of thought.

Government infrastructure is not free.  It is generally horribly expensive, grossly ineffective and counterproductive.

If children and grandchildren were to take the money they want to go to their parents and grandparents and any others who are elderly and needy, about 25% or less would be sufficient to help the truly needy.

Yes.  Those who were frauded and have a comfortable lifestyle would lose the additional stream unless someone felt them worthy of their money.

The Politically Powerful still claim to own huge amounts of assets.  These can be sold or monetized in some manner to pay the victims of the Politically Powerful’s Social Security Fraud.

We’ll explore this more in our Wisdom of Crowds pages.

As we survey the destruction and stupidity left in the wake of government by force, we must make certain we do not become the evil by attempting to grab the rings of power.

Non-Aggression, Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility with Unfettered Opportunity are our answers.  Our answer is not changing who has power over others.  The solution is Non-Aggression; each individual with individual power and personal responsibility over their individual life.

Non-Aggression with Individual Freedom is a proven path to create unimagined solutions, opportunity, justice, morality, health and abundance for us all.