Conspiracy Theories 911 | Conspiracy Theory Youtube

Conspiracy Theories 911 | Conspiracy Theory Youtube… Anyone who is aware that people are killed for less than $20 in a cash register till and doesn’t believe there are people who will conspire, commit fraud and/or murder for millions or billions or more has been successfully brainwashed by the Politically Powerful.

Anyone who thinks power only corrupts in other countries but not here is operating on automatic without much thinking and certainly almost no questioning at all.

Government controlled schools have succeeded in limiting a student’s ability to think about or question certain topics.


Conspiracy Theories 911 | Conspiracy Theory Youtube

There are people who lust for power.  There are people who are addicted to power and will do anything to grab it, keep it and expand it.  These addicts are willing to have you make any sacrifice for their benefit.

Share this simple little 4 minute 56 second video with others.  The politically powerful continues to promote a reality that did not happen.  You need to help people remember the truth and help those just becoming of an age where they are curious and provide an antidote to the repetition as propagandists attempt to rewrite history.

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