Constitutions | Bill of Rights | Illusion

Constitution | Bill of Rights | Illusion

Constitutions and a Bill of Rights are offered by the Power Addicted as Magical Charms with the Illusion of proving the Power Hungry will no longer abuse us.

It’s kind of like an Addict promising us they want money for something other than feeding their addiction… And despite the addicts history of feeding their addiction, no matter what they promise, the addicts claim they are going to write the promise down this time and that will make it different.

Yeah…  Right…

A major flaw in this comparison is that the politically powerful will take what they want at the point of a gun and we have no recourse within the system of law they control.

When courts perform with integrity and honesty, expensive legal representation won’t be necessary.

Until courts perform with integrity and honesty, expensive legal representation will help strip you of your property and rights faster.  The courts operate for their own benefit and the benefit of power elites.

An addict may or may not pull a gun when they want your money or property.  If they do, we are justified in killing them in self-defense or having them sought, arrested and prosecuted.

When the government steals from us… If we resist, we may be killed, fined or imprisoned.  The normal system of right and wrong is turned on its head… And no matter what, we lose.

They are the government, don’t ya know?  They can do whatever they please and we can go to Hell while attempting to find a method to hold the politically powerful, their police agencies and regulatory lunatics accountable for their broken promises and the abuses we suffer under their rule.

The Soviet Constitution guaranteed Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.  We know those guarantees didn’t do a lot to guarantee anything.

The Constitution in use for Nazi Germany guaranteed Freedom of Speech, Privacy, and that Your Home as an Inviolable Castle, the Equivalent of Common Law Habeas Corpus, and more.  I’m sure we all have memories of Freedom under Nazi Germany.

Anyone who has never enjoyed the humor of reading the US Constitution and comparing it to the actions of the politically powerful, past and present, has missed a real treat in lying and propaganda.

To quote Bill Moyer, author of Doing Democracy based on 40 years of participation to institute social change, “…the most brutal military dictatorships have a public facade of acceptable official policies and parliamentary democracy, complete with the pretense of public voting.  Their actual practice however, involves oppression backed up by physical force, including intimidation, beatings, torture, imprisonment, and death, as well as social and economic sanctions against all opposition.”

Most Americans believe the US Constitution was created to protect our rights and defend us from abuses by the politically powerful.  They do not remember that the US Constitution was written to take power from the people and the states; because, those who benefit from centralized power could not lie, cheat, steal and create wars fast enough under the Articles of Confederation.

The US Constitution was designed to take more from us.  It was not created to provide additional protection.

Americans don’t wonder why the new government was designed at secret meetings. The task of these secret meetings was to design a document to give more power to a central government by taking it from the people and the states.

And it did a good job.

George Washington is considered the first president.  Could we think that means the successful overthrow of the preceding government under the Articles of Confederation which included the following presidents under the Articles of Confederation.

  • John Hanson (1782)
  • Elias Boudinot (1783)
  • Thomas Mifflin (1784)
  • Richard Henry Lee (1785)
  • John Hancock (1786)
  • Nathan Gorman (1787)
  • Arthur Saint Clair (1788)
  • Cyrus Griffin (1789)[3]

Political Promises on Paper are used to blind.  They do not provide anything that cannot and have not been subverted.

While we’re on the topic; The Declaration of Independence which is theoretically part of the US founding documents, states, “All Men Are Created Equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Now if that has any weight, how is it the Politically Powerful in the US claim people in other countries don’t have those rights and how do they order assassinations, torture and other violations of Individual Rights and Freedoms?

Obviously, the words are part of a hoax… a con job… an illusion designed to keep us from realizing we are being screwed and to provide justification to convince police and soldiers that they are performing some noble duty by keeping the slaves in line and imprisoning or murdering anyone who becomes too much of an obstacle to the politically powerful.

Here’s our survey link.  (Coming Soon) The 1st question should bring some hilarious responses, deliberately hilarious and those who are actually serious.  The second question has at least one answer.  We may discover more.

1.)  What is the difference between a government and any other criminal or terrorist organization?

2.)  What is the one thing that could make government different from any other criminal or terrorist organization and is always missing?

And when we identify the missing link in Question #2, we will discover how Individual Freedom can save us all in our unfree world.