Email Management

Email Management Halts Email Madness


None of us get too much email…  I know that sounds like sacrilege.


Everyone knows: “We all get too much email.”  But that’s kind of like saying, “There’s too much information on the Internet.” or “That library has too many books.  They need to throw out everything I don’t want.”
It’s a silly way to look at the world.  If we act as if the world has to change in order to make our life easier, we give up our personal power to make things work for us that we perceive as working against us… And they’re not.


The majority of the emails you receive, you signed up for.  If your account is so bad that almost everything comes from sources you did not signup for; it’s time to choose a new email address and get rid of the old one.  Or just get a new email address and never approach the old account unless you have a specific folder to go to or you plan on using your “search” feature to find specific information.


In order to reduce stress that is connected to your email box, you first recognize your own power to take control of your life.  I think you’ll find taking control feels pretty good.


1.  a.) At the bottom of every email by any reputable and some disreputable companies there is a optout link at the bottom of the page.  You can use it more often.


b.)  Some emails request you to respond with “optout” or “unsubscribe” as your subject line.


c.)  I will generally do both of the above before I report something as spam unless it is a promotion for drugs or other things I know I never signed up to receive.  I will report those immediately as spam.


You should never report anything as spam that you signed up for.


If you decide you don’t want to be on that list, get off of it.


A survey of AOL email users revealed that most believe reporting an email they signed up for as spam is the same as asking to be taken off a list.  It isn’t.  It can cause problems for all of the people on that list who want to receive the email they requested.


2.  Get over any compulsion to be drawn into the black hole of your email.


a.  Only look at your email once or twice per day.  If necessary start by checking it on the hour, then every 2 hours and work your way down to once or twice per day or even once per week.  Your world will not end.


b.  Review the subject lines only.  Open those things that are worth your time.  Move it to a keep folder if it has something you might want to refer back to.  Then weekly delete in mass
everything not in your save folders.


c.  Use gmail or some other service that allows you to automatically sort your email into different folders without you doing any more than setting your choices up.  I am pretty certain most email programs have email management programs they are happy to teach you how to use.


You can easily setup folders where all email will bypass your inbox and immediately be filed.  As you would expect from Google, they have a great search engine to find anything stored in your email.


    Perhaps you are on a particular list for information on 1 topic.  When you are seeking an answer, search in your saved emails in that folder or your entire email database.


   You do not have to open every email to have at your fingertips the information you are searching for.


   You are specific and unique.  The owners of the lists are dealing with masses.


   If the themes are health, finances, or cars; there is going to be a lot that is sent which is not pertinent to your interests.  That’s not their fault.  That’s the nature of an email written on any given topic.


   It makes no difference if a list you enrolled on sends out email once per day or every hour.


   You have the ability to automatically sort and store the information in those email into a folder you can search with a search engine just like you search the internet.


   The problem is not too much information.  Problems come only when someone does not take action to control their life.  But that’s not the fault of the information.


   You can type in an email address and pull up every email from one person or one word or phrase and pull up every email with that word or phrase.  You don’t have to go folder to folder.


   I keep separate folders with sub-folders for all of the health and healing emails I receive.  When I need to find something about how Vitamin D3 is better than flu shots to prevent flu, I can search for Vitamin D3 and all of the articles I have on Vitamin D3 in my email pop up.


   I keep folders on financial freedom, individual freedom, health, healing, law and legal (They’re not the same.), taxes and other forms of theft, regulatory misdeeds (There is rarely any other kind.) and other topics.


   Our emails are focused around taking personal control of your life, health, finances and happiness in a world where way too many people want to run the lives of everyone else and give up responsibility for their lives, actions and inaction at the same time.


    Gmail gives you the opportunity to start all of your email subscriptions from scratch.  Be judicious in your choices or in your methods of responding to what you receive.


   You have to choose email management in order to overcome any stress generated by email madness.


   Email Madness only occurs when you expect the universe to rearrange for your convenience.


   Email Sanity occurs when you use email management to take control of your world.


   You have much more power over your life and feelings than you know.  Having the world change to your specifications is not a likely occurrence. 


   Having the power to change how you deal with the world around you in is in your power now and will be much more effective in the long run.


    This may not be an answer you like.


    We hope it’s the answer you need to tap into your resources and choices to deal with the universe of your perception about something that really isn’t a problem once you decide to handle it.
Re: Our Specific Lists


   We have people on our list; because, they are looking for solutions where they can take control of their own lives.


   We go to a great deal of time and effort to help people discover how to improve their lives by making changes that may be far simpler than they think.


   You may not need to quit smoking, moderate your drinking, alter your drug addictions to non or prescription drugs, lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health, be considering taking a
vaccine, having an operation, performing unnecessary health tests, or dealing with all of the manifestations of stress.


   Other people do.


   Some things are free.  Some things are not.


   In order for us to survive and thrive and do the best job for the people on our list, we mail regularly; because, the less often you mail, the less likely your emails are to be opened and
the faster someone removes you from their allowed mailing.


   I know it seems backwards; but, that’s true both online and offline with things people receive in the mail.


   We tell people what the email is about as quickly as possible so that those who want to know more can read it.  And for those for whom something is not an issue for them currently, they
can skip it and go on to something else.


   If you just signed up for our list, you are receiving introductory emails with information specific to help you with that topic as well as our regular emails.


   The introductory emails stop at about 3 weeks.  Then you are only on our primary email list as long as you choose to stay.


We wish you a long, free, personally powerful and blessed life.


–Live Long, Free & Blessed,
Don Winfield for