Feed the Children | End Hunger

Feed the Children | End Hunger

Sonic Bloom was developed by Dan Carlson to end hunger, feed the world, and feed the children of the world, after witnessing the tragedy of hunger in Korea. Sonic Bloom is a combination of sound & seaweed based fertilizer with dramatic results.

One good way to end hunger is to eat politicians and warlords.  There is no good reason to let all of that pork go to waste and it could halt starvation as a political tool.

“Sonic Bloom will BOOST the Size, IMPROVE the Taste, INCREASE
the Nutrients, EXTEND the Shelf Life, SHORTEN the Growing Season
and MULTIPLY the Harvest of YOUR Home Garden or Farm Crops!”

Please Note the phone numbers in the video are no longer current.

Follow this link for current information: http://originalsonicbloom.com/


Sonic Bloom is one product to help feed the children of the world, end hunger and provide nutritional food, not just a useless fodder.  The other necessary ingredient is individual freedom; because, starvation is used as a tool by the power addicted to keep themselves in power by starving those who do not actively support them and starving their children to death.

Support ingenuity, innovation and Individual Freedom with Personal Responsibility and make food too easy and cheap for the power mongers to use it for control.

GMO’s (Genetically Modified Foods) Part of the Problem or a Solution?

GMO’s have promise.  Like a hammer, they can be used for good or ill.  At the moment GMO’s are Franken Foods that are designed for profit only and do not reproduce; because, there are no seeds.

GMO’s are used as weapons and should be avoided until humanitarians and unbridled competition enter the picture.  At the moment avoid GMO’s and their manufacturers like the plague.  They are closely related.  Buy organic, local or anything but GMO’s.

Sonic Bloom is an all natural solution to make crop yields more frequent with larger results, increase nutritional value, provide longer shelf life, reduce use of pesticides by making healthier crops and make it easier to Feed the Children of the World, End Hunger and Malnutrition …

The biggest problem to end hunger are the politically powerful who use our money, time and resources for their purposes while pretending to be helping some problem.  You have only to look at their Wars on Poverty, Cancer, Heart Disease, Obesity and our Neighbors in other countries to know that they are evil, self-serving, incompetent or some combination.

There is no question that there are some in the government who are actually well intentioned… That’s being in the mafia with good intentions.  You’re not going to accomplish much and if you stay too long, expect to be corrupted.

The politically powerful kill in our names using money taken from us at the point of a gun and tell us others hate us; because, they are jealous of our freedom… And Individual Freedom is something we don’t have.

The Franken Food products are pushed by government monopolies who steal farmer’s lands if their farms become infected with the GMO Franken Food Seeds.  The whole mess is dangerous.

We individually can stand to protect those we neither like nor approve of from the politically powerful and create a world of abundance that frightens those whose self image is based on false superiority created by keeping others from unfettered opportunity, individual freedom and personal responsibility.

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Feed the Children of the World & End Hunger

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The only way to protect your Individual Rights and Freedoms, which are the source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.

There is no other way.

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