John Taylor Gatto – Government Schools Dumb Us Down

I was raised inside one of the worst educational systems in the world.

Were YOU?


The purpose of this page will be to separate the myth from the reality with the assistance of one of the outstanding school teachers in America, John Taylor Gatto…

Perhaps you’ve seen the bumper stickers which sometimes pass for wisdom…

“If you can read, thank a teacher.”

The truth is:

“If you can’t read, think or question, thank your teachers, the politically powerful and their school systems.”

Intrinsic values are methodically destroyed with the current educational bludgeon whose slogans include:

“Let no child leave unharmed.”

“Let drug addictions start here and now.”

Schools destroy the natural love of learning and do their best to make people believe there is one best answer for everyone…  And your job is to choose the lesser evil presented to you by the politically powerful.

In addition to exposing the school system for what it is; we will begin the task of providing information we need to live as Free Individuals in a World of Free Individuals.

Meet John Taylor Gatto, New York City Teacher of the Year twice and New York State Teacher of the Year the same year they fired him.  They discovered he was giving his students no choice but to be in charge of their own education.  They were outraged.

They fired him.  He sued, won, got his job back and announced his retirement in an editorial in the op-ed pages of the Wall St. Journal.

John Taylor Gatto is one of the few who have researched where our government school system came from, what its purpose is and why it is succeeding for the Politically Powerful while it is failing for its victims.

Understanding why they are broken can help prevent you being tricked into accepting changes which change nothing that will help children discover, embrace and fulfill their potential.

The school system works; but, for whom?


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