National Debt

National Debt – The criminals in charge pretend to have the authority to sell us, our families and our descendents into debt slavery.  Of course, they employed fraud, extortion. and murder; so the debts may not be legally binding… Even so, it’s a big mess.

We are expected to pay for the drunken spending orgies used to transfer mind-blowing sums to those who see us as their personal property.

While new employment and innovation come from small business and entrepreneurs, the politically powerful continue to have huge sums transferred from the middle class to the mega-corporations who are busy laying people off while confiscating or mishandling their pensions.

Every time a bomber is build to go destroy the homes and infrastructure in other countries and murder as many as necessary to create mass destruction, the money wasted on the front end would have built 5,000 $50,000 homes.  It is like blowing up 5,000 homes here.

Later more money will be shoveled to mega-corporations to rebuild the infrastructure just blown up.

Money is funneled to so called charitable purposes; but, the federal government blows through 75% of what is taken in for the overhead necessary for forced collections: politicians, tax collectors, police, courts, prisons, press agents, bureaucrats, buildings, pensions, paychecks, perks and perversions of the political elite.

When the money is voluntarily given, only half the amount is needed to accomplish more good, faster and with greater flexibility.

Each and every one of us, including our children have been supplied as guarantors to whatever insanity the masters wish. Your current debt has increased past $46,642 for each member of your family, even infants, as I write this… A family of 4 is $186, 568.  And the interest is accumulating while the politically powerful continue to spend as only those can who are spending someone else’s money and have no personal liability.

But that’s only if you look at what the politicians want you to see.  Because when you include unfunded liability, your share shoots past the moon… More specifically, $1,027,132 per tax payer.

As you wonder how the politicians can ignore this, they probably aren’t.  They are probably feeding the problem; because, eventually their friends will make a killing demanding payback from you, your family, friends and your children and their children.


So What?  We can defeat the debt dragon…

The key as always is Individual Freedom.

If we take the weight of all the monkey’s operating on fraudulent authority off the backs of the entrepreneurs, small businesses and your back because they want you to tell you what choices you must make for their benefit… Wealth can begin to bloom at a level unheard of history.  And history has demonstrated massive levels of wealth creation where Individual Freedoms have flourished.

Knowing the answer and setting it in motion are 2 different things.

And you can’t continue to extort the victims to pay off the victims who were seeking to profit from the continuation of the extortion.

There are definitely some challenges involved.  Understatement anyone?

And I don’t know the answer.

WE know the answer.

And part of our mission is to tap into the Wisdom of Crowds.  Please note the Wisdom of Crowds only works with Individual Freedom.

The Free Market is an example of the Wisdom of Crowds.

Everyone without knowing everything work together with their skills, knowledge, talents and creativity to provide wealth and innovation despite the heavy hand of politically powerful. who steal huge portions of the new wealth as fast as it is created, who penalize savings to stop capital accumulation, who make it insanely profitable to go public and lost control or to be enticed by becoming part of the good old boy network and over works of darkness and destruction.

We are the Forces of Freedom and we will overcome the Darkness.

I can’t wait to see how we do it.