Privacy Issues | David Friedman

Privacy Issues | David Friedman

The Dr. David Friedman Privacy Issues video is a personal call to actions.  We must take advantage of what we can or there can be no possible benefit from any technology and no defense from others.  The video may seem dated.  It is not.  Technology leapfrogs forward but it is our choices that make a difference.  Enjoy.

Professor David Friedman received his PhD in Physics, wrote books and taught economics; before becoming a professor of law.  I enjoy him telling people he never took an academic course in any subject he has taught for the last 20 years.

David Friedman is the author of one of my favorite “How to” books on a world with Individual Freedom, titled, “The Machinery of Freedom.”  See links below the video for his 3 books on Individual Freedom.

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Dr. David Friedman provides mind stretching explanations of how Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility work in societies with competition instead of Government by Gun.

Explore his books for yourself.

David Friedman, Machinery of Freedom

David Friedman, "The Machinery of Freedom"

“The Machinery of Freedom” by David Friedman is great mind stretcher.

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