The Liberty Gang Is Dedicated to Toppling the Monopolies, Cartels and the Other Schemes and Dreams of the Politically Powerful...

RE: Discover How to Apply Individual Freedom for Abundance, Harmony, Innovation & Unlimited Opportunity in a World a Little Too Crazy

We Are Replacing Our Self-Anointed Masters With Individual Freedom, Unfettered Opportunity and Personal Responsibility with Freely Chosen Structures or "None!... Under Competing and Freely Chosen Systems of Law and Dispute Resolution...

We Help Ourselves by Helping Each Other While Respecting Each Person’s Right to Choose “No!”

We Are Sick of the Politics of Power Over Others Which Is Simply the Politically Powerful Helping Themselves While Denying Anyone the Right to Say “No!”

Most people are aware that governments are not working...

But, way too many people believe government is responsible for the good things around them while Freedom is responsible for any problems...

Therefore they see the solution as getting the right people in charge with more control over your, mine and our neighbors' lives and property.

Let's call that belief, "The wrong people in charge" syndrome.

I'm just like you.

I have believed all kinds of nonsense in my life, for what appeared to be good reasons, without investigating or questioning my own beliefs... Assuming you're not perfect either?

One of the reasons I believe so strongly in Individual Freedom is; because, I know how many of my cherished beliefs have not only been wrong, they have been counterproductive.  With power over others, mistakes and misbeliefs are expanded and even locked in place.

With Individual Freedom, through accident, research, or inspiration, false beliefs can be replaced with different ideas to discover what works better... Then better still.

There are many more reasons why Freedom Works and governments create dismal, destructive and deadly results.  And "the wrong people in charge belief" may be the least important.

Whatever I have believed in the past (liberal, conservative, independent, socialist, communist, fascist, monarchy, capitalist, libertarian), I thought The Problem was the "Wrong People in Charge" and The Solution was the "Right People in Charge."

I was wrong.

I stumbled across one thing which lead to another and another until I began to discover a framework for "How Freedom Works" in a world of incredible possibilities... Today's world spends most of its time and resources in conflict for control... You know to put the "Right People in Charge of Everyone Else's Lives."

Here I'm supposed to tell you about the problems of Gargantuan Governments...


If you don't notice anything gone wrong in the world today you're on the wrong website...


If you ever decide to investigate alternatives to the current mess, please return and investigate the Intrinsic Freedom Solution which is the source of our salvation.

Politicians happily destroy anything and everything they can; so long as they can use their latest disaster as an excuse to steal more choices from others... Power Over Others is their addiction.

We are expected to pay any price, sacrifice our lives and children, and conquer or murder anyone who resists their Addiction to Power Over Others!

Let's look at another misbelief some people think will be our deliverance...

That is: "We only have to go backwards; because the past was wonderful."

And their belief solution for the world's problems is: "Go Backwards."

That doesn't work.  One problem with beliefs is they can shut the brains to inconvenient facts:

R.J. Rummel, Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, states in his book, Death by Government”, his conservative estimate is governments have murdered 169,198,000 of their own citizens between 1900 and 1987. That’s 222 per hour.

That's not counting the wars.  That is internal.  "People with Political Power" used their Political Power to murder those they don't like... 222 per hour.

The US Constitution was created because the early Americans were too free.

The US Constitution was created to give central government more power.

The only place a central government can get more power is to take your individual power from you.  Sometimes warring central governments fight each other to gain access to the power over others already in place under another central government.  The politically  powerful are addicted to acquire still more power over still more people.

You, I and our neighbors are the victims of their dark need.

The US constitution was proposed in Secret to make certain that Portals of Political Power were pushed ajar to begin the inch by inch increase  of political power as each inch of their power destroys Individual Liberty.

Either our lives are in our command, for better or worse, or our lives are under the command of those who are addicted to power over others.

There is no individual who cannot be corrupted by too much power.

Those with Political Power fall into the cracks of their own ignorance while trying to do good.  They will be insulated from reality as their handlers choose what they will see.  Power over others is a maze with many ways to get lost and no way out but to cut the strings of their own power.

Most cannot and will not take that step.  Which is why, ultimately, we must remove their power by withdrawing our support in every way we can... And make no mistake, the Power Freaks need general support or they will fall.

Governments are an attempt to replace Individual Freedom with Force Immune from Liability under Central Planning.  It is an immoral idea which cannot and never has worked except in the propaganda written to replace history.

The United States operated under the Articles of Confederation for 8 years before Secret Meetings were held to increase the power of the government to lay and collect taxes and destroy Freedom.

“Drafted in secret by delegates to the Constitutional Convention during the summer of 1787, this four-page document, signed on September 17, 1787, established the government of the United States."

One way of looking at the USA Constitution is to say; it was the first successful overthrow of a fledgling country.  If you observe history much, you come to the conclusion, it was not the last coup d'état.

The US Constitution said slavery was OK.  The Supreme court upheld the ruling.

Too many tend to talk about government as if it weren't people, good and bad, who have power over others that can be misused through avarice, greed, the intoxication of power by the bad and then the messes are compounded by those with good intentions whose ignorance is exceeded only by their arrogance.  They mistake themselves for Gods and devastate lives by making their opinions into laws.

Remember you and I suffer the consequences of these lawmakers... They do not.  And since they suffer no personal liability for the results of their actions, they do not learn... They only attempt to grasp more power over our lives and money; because, the fault must be with us and can't be with them.  We just need less freedom and choice and then the world will be perfect.

Today in America, everyone is a slave.  Their masters live in DC.   The masters say; "It's OK" and they'll let us into their courts to prove it.

Some of the Slaves are waking up.

The problem is; "What do you do to restore your individual rights and freedoms without becoming the worthless scum you see who bully with Political Power?"

Most people fall and fail by pursuing the "Wrong People in Power" paradigm and it's little sister, "Just Go Backwards!"

Perhaps a solution which leads us to a better world is simpler than that. websites and member program are designed to explore, explain and promote the message of "How Freedom Works."

If we don't understand how and why Individual Freedom with Personal Responsibility work, we are too easily tricked or mislead by government true believers, their beneficiaries and diabolical deceivers.

When Gargantuan Warring Governments Are the Problem... Individual Freedom with Personal Responsibility Is the Answer!

Denial of individual freedom is a denial of your personal responsibility.

How can you be responsible if you’re not free to choose?

If someone else decides for you; they are responsible and not you... Except, of course, to the extent you should never concede your responsibility for your life, your actions and your interactions with others.

When you give up your accountability to your own internal questioning, principles and decisions; you are helping to build Hell in today's world.  And you are still responsible for your actions, even if those above you encourage you to just follow orders and do like your comrades in arms.  March 2-3-4.  March 2-3-4.

One of the functions of the schools, the military, police and other institutions is to teach you obedience as the highest good and they create incredible pressure for you to follow the crowds you were trained with.


Have you ever noticed, one of the first things politicians do is exempt themselves from any personal responsibility or liability?

The politicians who setup social security Ponzi Schemes created a separate program for themselves.

They routinely exempt themselves from the laws they pass for others.

Responsibility is one of the feedback mechanisms which allow individuals to grow and learn.  Maybe that's one reason politicians never learn.

The politically powerful remove our opportunities and learning lessons, while refusing personal accountability for the harm they cause... And they learn that Political Power provides paychecks, prestige, perks and perversions while being held accountable only to the other members of their gang.

How can anyone hope to ever be free of these politically powerful lunatics?

Step 1 - Learn How Freedom Works -

Step 2 - Share what you learn -

Step 3 - Begin to use alternatives to monopolies and cartels promoted and protected by the state - (We're going to introduce you to a growing market for alternatives to government protected monopolies and cartels.)

Step 4 - The only way to protect your Individual Freedom, Rights and Responsibility is protect the Individual Freedom, Rights and Responsibility for those you neither like nor approve of...  There is no other way.

It is by denying other people's rights, freedoms and choices that you lose your own while becoming part of the problem...

When you protect the Freedoms of others, you begin to rebuild your own choices, responsibility and morality while, obviously, you allow the same opportunity for others.

I am pretty certain that any other method sews new seeds of corruption and destruction; which creates an opportunity for the Power Addicted to corrupt whoever achieves political power by playing on their prejudice, dislike & lack of tolerance...

"If you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)


Good ideas drive out bad ideas... Eventually.

We can accelerate the popularization of Freedom by teaching how and why Individual Freedom Works and Why Governments cannot and do not work but for their own selfish, short-sighted benefit.

A Big Problem

As people learn how Freedom Works, they frequently attempt to figure out how they can make governments create the same results while eliminating the Freedom.

Even if it were possible, it would still be a poor imitation of the results created with Freedom.

Why?  Because Freedom allows people to challenge and change things they don't like without having to get 51% or some other ridiculous number to agree with them before they have the opportunity to begin to test and develop their ideas.  You can begin with yourself, a half dozen others or even millions of others.

You don't have to be perfect to start.  You get to make mistakes.  Other people can support you or not.  It's chaotic.  It's wonderful.  It's called Freedom. is here to take the Choices Stolen from Us by the Politically Powerful and Restore Individual Freedom...

  • The Greatest Management Principle in the World... Almost...

    How Freedom Works...

    Most people, even if the word "Freedom" makes them feel good, do not understand how and why it works and therefore are easy prey to the lies, propaganda and subtle inducements supplied by the Politically Powerful...

    We present resources, alternatives and explanations by people who understand "Why and Where Freedom Is Working"...

    Individual Freedom (IF) works everywhere imperfectly. IF still works better than giving someone a gun and telling them they can collect money from you & me whenever they want and give us whatever they want whether we want it or not.

    We will explore how and why Intrinsic Freedom works better in all arenas than the centrally planned mismanagement.

    The Ignorance of the Politically Powerful Is Exceeded Only by Their Arrogance.

    Freedom is simple.  The Theories of Gargantuan Government Micro-Management are incredibly hard to grasp especially when you look for government programs that actually work outside of government approved history books.

    The theories of central government are gobbledy-gook on steroids.

    Is that because, the proponents are lying to themselves? They do their best to prove the long list of failures, wars and abuse by big government should be ignored. They want us to stare at equations and listen to long winded excuses proving nothing and denying reality.

    Keep in mind, if an economics student doesn't accept nonsense as gospel, it is very difficult to graduate, get employment or to get anything published.  It's not nice to point out the Emperors have no clothes on.

    We provide shortcuts to some of the greatest thinking on Freedom.

    Below are just a few of the topics we'll explore; but, mostly we want to teach you to answer your own questions and to question all authorities, including us.


    We will begin to choose and use alternatives to the schemes, dreams and broken structures of the Politically Connected.

    We will help ourselves by helping each other; while respecting each individual's right to choose "NO!"

    We will lead by example and people will discover Individual Freedom with Personal Responsibility and Unfettered Opportunity creates Abundance, Harmony, Justice, Morality, Innovation, Health, Healing, and even Love.


    The Greatest Management Principle in the World (GMP) is explained by its proponent Michael LeBoeuf in the following story.  (I am writing this from memory based on his Nightingale Conant presentation and it seems to me he tells it better.)

    A fisherman goes out early one morning to fish.  He has his brand new array of lures he has created from scratch.

    As he sits in his boat setting out his lures, he hears a bump on the side of the boat.

    He looks over and sees a snake swimming by with a frog in its mouth.

    He feels sorry for the frog so he reaches over and grasps the snake behind its jaws.  He forces them open and releases the frog.

    He feels good about himself; but, now he looks at the snake and feels guilty about taking its meal.  He uses artificial lures and has nothing in the boat a snake could eat...

    But he does have a flask of Tennessee Sipping Whiskey from a company started by a 6 year old bootlegger.  (That's another story.)

    So he pours 3 drops down the throat of the snake and puts the snake back in the water.  He congratulates himself.  Then rewards himself with a hefty pull of his own.

    As he prepares to get back to the business of fishing, he hears another knock on the side of the boat.

    He looks over the side and the snake is back, only this time he has 2 frogs in his mouth.

    The moral of the story he calls the Greatest Management Principle in the World or GMP, "Whatever you reward, you get more of.  Not what you want or what you'd like; but, only what you reward!"


    "Wow! I Thought... That Explains Everything."

    That's neither the first nor the last time of me being wildly wrong.

    GMP made perfect sense to me.  However as I read books by Robert Cialdini and others, I discovered that's only true sort of.

    For instance in Nashville, Tenn, programs were setup to reward teachers up to $15,000 each based on the performance of their students.

    Evaluations of the program showed ZERO improvement.

    Robert Cialdini in his books on Influence cites research where people would perform better for no external reward than they would if they were rewarded.

    We'll explore this phenomena in detail and what we must guard against when considering GMP, which does work in certain circumstances.

    You could still argue that GMP is correct when you include internal rewards.  That's true enough.  But the conclusion I jumped to was about circumstances with external rewards.

    So for this discussion, think of GMP as an external reward system.  We will consider Intrinsic Rewards as something we have little ability to feed from the outside... That is another reason to choose Individual Freedom which allows people to use their Internal & Intrinsic Rewards in ways which bless all of us.


  • Intrinsic Motivation...

    You and I do things because we love them.

    It is easier to destroy that love than it is create it.

    The attempt to create that love of doing something can destroy the passion, the originality and the enjoyment of what would have been natural.

    A good example of this is the state controlled school systems whose dismal record is pretty universally known and well documented.

    There are bumper sticker enthusiasts whose thinking skills were so beaten up in school, they actually believe the bumper sticker, "If you can read, Thank a Teacher."

    Give me a break.  A better one is; "If you can't think for yourself, thank the school system and its teachers."

    We'll introduce you to John Taylor Gatto, 3 times NY City Teacher of the Year and then NY State Teacher of the Year, the same year they fired him for not doing things the bureaucratic ways which weren't working to produce brilliant children.

    He'll demonstrate how schools work to make children stupid but subservient to gargantuan government and only suitable for low paying jobs at m.


  • Wrong Person, Wrong Time, Wrong Place, Wrong Credentials, Doing the Wrong Thing Woeful Funding... This is the source of innovation.

    Governments are well known for taking control of opportunity and funding.

    They protect established businesses from competition.

    Elaborate systems are created which funnels opportunities to established companies.

    Capital formation is destroyed through taxes.

    In order to be rewarded for your entrepreneurship, you can expect to give up control of your company in exchange for operating capital or to pay yourself based on the success of your achievement.

    We will examine the source of new job creation, innovation and an abundant standard of living for everyone.

  • Individual Freedom Reduces Death, Murder, Child Molestation, Poverty & Immorality...

    Taxes cause crime, divorce, child molestation, murder, theft and corruption.

    Governments steal choices in a number of a ways.  And this theft causes great harm.

    We'll explore the history with the author of "Taxes Cause Crime."  You don't need to take our word for it.  We will provide evidence you can review for yourself.

  • Individual Freedom Creates Morality & Justice

    Today's legal systems cannot be read, understood or afforded.

    They are shams where pretend benefits are offered so that the wheels of power can use the legal system to provide a tint of legitimacy for their unearned, unlawful but legal benefits.

    There is a difference between law and legal systems.  We will explore the value of law and why it is ignored in the name of legal systems and the nonsense they support.

    The power to control your life is either in your hands or the hands of people who don't know you, your history, your skills, your dreams, your personality, or your inner drives.

    We will explore why your life should be under your control and not the cultists in DC who think you should be their serf.

I Am Ready to Unshackle Freedom in an Unfree World!

Individual Freedom Is the Answer to Today's Political Problems...

Individual Freedom Must Be Taken; Because, It Is Never Restored by the Politically Powerful...

Here is the Golden Rule of Individual Freedom. You hold the keys to Individual Freedom... But only for your neighbor.

They hold yours.  If you do not protect their Individual Rights and Individual Freedoms despite instructions by those in power, you forsake your own Freedom and the Freedom of  Your Family, Children and Future Generations.

The only way to protect your Individual Freedoms is to protect the Individual Freedoms and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.  There is no other way.

A society where a common man has Individual Freedom without protecting the rights of others, including tolerance for their learning experiences and choices, does not, has never, and can never exist.

The only way to keep others down is to become evil to hold them down.

A Society based on Individual Morality, Freedom, Responsibility, Unfettered Opportunity, Tolerance and all of the other names for Love allows each of us to mature and discover our own unique selves.


Such a thing cannot happen through the rule of the Politically Powerful whose Ignorance, Avarice, Hate and Arrogance rule their lives as they demand we sacrifice our lives, property and families to their schemes and delusions.

We will lay out some ground rules and point you to alternatives for putting Individual Choice back into your lives by halting and reversing the trend of seeking government as the solution to every problem, real or imagined.

Are you a source of Liberty or its destruction?

We take back control of our lives by defending the rights of our neighbors.

This shrinks the power, the paychecks, the position, the perks and the perversions of those who think they should rule you and I, our families, our friends and all of our unknown friends who we deal with through Free Trade and Gifting without Force or Fraud.


Governments are nothing but the use of force by people who use the system to make themselves above the law and exempt from personal responsibility.  They get elected because we think everyone else will make stupid choices unless forced to do as we want them to at the point of a gun.


With today's internet there is opportunity for each person to declare their principles and select or create their chosen forms of dispute resolution... Or none at all, as is the case for many today.


Law will never be kept lawful by the politically powerful.  It is only through unfettered competition in a world of Free Individual Choice that we can expect to have a system of law that is readable, understandable, affordable and consistently just.

Join us as a member of The Liberty, begin to develop and post your own moral code, your own basis for dispute resolution, while discovering "How Freedom Works."


I Created Specifically for Those Who Believe They Can & Should Control Their Own Lives... Instead of Living Under  the Ignorant & Arrogant Who Think We Are Their Serfs...   Your choices, your power to control your own life is either in your hands or of someone else.   You will discover how and why Individual Freedom works better in any situation to overcome challenges, create unlimited opportunity, abundance, healthier lives, morality, justice, tolerance and even love.   Government, the choice of Centralized Force over Individual Freedom, creates wars, scarcity, systems of the uber rich and their serfs, scarcity, sickness, intolerance, limited opportunity, injustice, immorality and hate.

This website will teach people How Freedom Works.  It will explore the ways we can help each other.  We share options which the Politically Powerful, their Monopolies, and Cartels would prefer we didn't know about or use.  We will provide tools to improve our thinking ability and feedback to each other; because, there will be rogues among us.  Governments and their beneficiaries have deep pockets to employ troublemakers to discredit their critics.

Despite the evidence of history or even a casual review of the shape of the world today, we have been conditioned to believe in the morality of governments and their agents.

We must build a better world by making ourselves into better people making choices based on Individual Freedom; because, the Politically Powerful see the world as a toy for their amusement which they can abuse or break to increase their Power and Money.

The existing order is never the answer to the problems of the existing order.

We are the Forces of Freedom using the Philosophy of Freedom to prevail against the Forces of Darkness, who are indistinguishable in their actions and philosophy from any other criminal gang.

Why the Hell Not Guarantee?
You decide how much you pay for your membership... And of course you can decide this isn't for you and never join int eh first place.
You can change what you pay each month.  You are not restricted to your first choice.

Our membership program is designed to be affordable for you.

Our Membership Program works like this; You Choose Your Own Membership Fee.

When most of what you read in the paper is about government and its children (like wars & such), you know there is way too much power controlled by too few.

Together we will discover and explore Free Market alternatives to government civil services for marriage, divorce settlements, child custody issues, business structures, dispute resolution, probate alternatives, education, copyright, patents, trademarks, capital formation, individual rights protection, protection from other criminal gangs and more.

One description of government is; they are the largest gang available for hire for organized crime in the world.  They will not easily surrender their Power to abuse others for the benefit of the Politically Powerful.

Fortunately, the government must be ever fearful of those within government awakening to what they are really doing and joining the forces of light.

Many people sought work in the public sector; because, they thought they could do good.  The infrastructure changed them over time; but, many can and will awaken.  Then the governments have to worry about the damage which the awakened within their own structure can do.  They may respond with even more internal controls which makes everything they do less functional and stable.

Perhaps the crazy structure they have built begins to lean first in one direction and then in another.  It doesn't take much of a wind for it to topple.

We provide more Intrinsic Freedom for people which allows them to grow.

The governments destroy the Intrinsic Freedom of their own people causing them to create bureaucratic stupidity and ineffectiveness which accelerates the teetering of their Gargantuan Governmental Structures.

What will win?

Intrinsic Freedom and all of its proven blessings?

Central Planning Control Freaks with a proven record of destruction, immorality and war?

The decision will be made by individuals like you deciding to do something now... Or not.

And don't think we think that we are the only solution.  It will not be one solution but the thousands of solutions which naturally occur when people Accept Responsibility for Their Own Lives and awaken to their Individual Freedom and Individual Power to make a better tomorrow for all.

Members discontinue membership at any time without waiting on someone else to stop your membership by unsubscribing themselves through their membership account information.

You may select how much you pay for your membership.  As a practical matter, our current software only allows us to offer a limited but wide variety of choice.  Eventually, we expect software where you can choose what you pay, how you pay it and will allow you to change your payments at any time.

Of the many reasons for offering membership payments this way, we want to be affordable for people all over the world.  This website and its sisters will become available in many languages.

The amount that people can afford for membership varies wildly from country to country.

Your choices keep us on our toes to respond to your needs.

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And not to be overlooked: our "Why the Hell Not Guarantee" lets you decide for yourself how much we are worth to you?*

* This is going to lead us into some interesting information on influence, intrinsic values, individual freedom and other issues.  The modules on Intrinsic Freedom and Influence are an area of absolute fascination for me.  Perhaps, they will be for you too.



I Am Ready to Undermine the Politically Powerful!

2012 Is Here... 2012 Is Predicted to Herald in a New Age of Enlightenment... While the arrogance and ignorance of the Politically Powerful create daily disasters which harm us while enriching them. So long as they think they can survive and thrive, they will stoop to any evil seeking more power over us, our property, our minds, our family and the fruits of our labor. If we do not halt and reverse their accumulation and control of our choices, they will create calamity that surpasses all of the evil deeds in history.

The ability to communicate and share through the internet coupled with the acceleration of technology provides the possibility of profound transformation for the better with Individual Freedom or for even more Hell on Earth without it.

This website coupled with its sister sites is going to teach, explore and promote the incredible benefits of Individual Freedom for Everyone.

Individual Freedom is nothing more than control and responsibility for your own life.  You are Individually Free or you are someone's serf.  Either you make your own decisions or someone else does.  If it is someone else making your decisions, you have lost responsibility for your life and the ability to improve it.

By participating and sharing this information in your own words or by encouraging people to visit us and join as members, we can change the world for the better.

It's not just us.  Change happens in ways you can't see or judge until you reach a tipping point.  We have the responsibility of exploring and encouraging 1,000's of different ideas, projects, organizations, and individuals who are part of the mix which will suddenly and dramatically create a tipping point to release the miracles of Individual Freedom which are suppressed, hated, and routinely destroyed by the Central Planning Power Freaks who use their wealth to keep themselves in power at any cost.

Stronger Together: Be a Monthly Member Now

Yes, I Want to Create a World with Unlimited Opportunity Based on Intrinsic Freedom that Helps the Best in Each of Us... Back in the days of formalized slavery, you could buy some Freedom.  You got to move from being called a slave to being taxed and controlled as a serf instead of a slave.  Freedom has never been Free and rarely existed for long except in name. Today if you attempt to leave the USA or other criminal havens, you may not be able to remove the property you thought was yours.  You created it and it has probably already been ridiculously taxed by the tax criminals. Additionally Uncle Scam, Aunt IRS and the other organized criminals of the world believe you should continue to pay them even after you leave the country.  Aunt IRS is now contracting her services as a collector of unearned monies for the politically powerful around the globe.  She's a stinker. Together we will return these worshipers of darkness to productive lives where they are only rewarded when someone is willing to pay them because they feel they are benefiting from what they receive.

    • I understand: We will never be free until we discover existing alternatives or innovate and establish alternatives and successfully market them.
    • I understand: This is not about perfect Freedom.  This is about Freely Choosing MY Systems of Law and Morality, the Restrictions and Consequences I Agree To and the Methods of Dispute Resolution I Choose to Honor.
    • I understand: Anyone has the right to decline to participate in this or any other system.  That doesn't make me or them Free from Personal Responsibility.  It just means they are not required to do what I would like them to do; unless they violate my rights and then I may use the systems I have chosen to seek restitution from them.
    • I understand: If I violate someone's rights I am held accountable to some system of justice.  I select my own methods of property protection and dispute resolution while other people select their own methods of property protection and dispute resolution... No one receives a Free Pass because they refuse to declare a code of honor and method of dispute resolution.  If they do not select, a method will be selected by the systems chosen at that time or that old standby, conflict.
    • I understand: In the event of conflicting methods or dispute resolution, the parties may agree to one, the other or a third choice and if the parties in dispute do not agree on a method of dispute resolution, their selected providers will choose a third party to resolve the conflict.
    • I understand: Some criminals will only return stolen property or pay for their crimes if they are forced to do so.  I pledge to help my neighbors by creating choices to deal with those who have performed criminal activity and will not willingly change.
    • I understand: Neither private organizations nor the individuals who comprise them are exempt from their own actions. Individuals claiming to operate under blanket protection under some misguided and unlawful proclamation, regulation or made-up law passed by legislation are liars, fools or both.  The legal systems and their creators do not have lawful power to grant claims that they and their followers can't be held accountable for being stupid, morally reprehensible, or wrong when they force their choices on others while denying them the freedom to make their own choices.
    • I understand: Private organizations and individuals have no immunity.  They may have insurance or other means of limiting their liability; but, they are not above the law.
    • I understand: Everyone is personally responsible for their actions.  You don't get Kings X or Time Out, because, you claim political pull.  You are responsible for the consequences of your actions. In a Free World, there is no Political Power.  That's not to say there won't be people with power; but, they are not protected as if their misdeeds were lawful.
    • I understand: I may quit at any time.

      Ride with The Liberty Gang The only way to protect your Individual Rights and Freedoms, which are the source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of. There is no other way. Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of those you neither like nor approve of.  

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PS - Rights are what you are willing to defend for others.  You are the only source of rights.  If you are not willing to defend your neighbor’s rights and they are not willing to defend yours, then no rights exist.

It is our tolerance for each other's opportunities to create our own lives and our willingness to stand up for those choices of those we neither like nor approve of that provides rights.  There is no other source.

A written document can be ignored.  They are ignored by those in power and always have been.

Written documents can be interpreted.  They are reinterpreted for the convenience of the Politically Powerful and always have been.

The only source of rights is your belief in your neighbor’s rights and your mutual willingness to defend the choices of each other whether you like them or not that establishes rights.

Help us teach people How and Why Freedom Works.  Our Rights and Freedoms are ours to give or to lose.  We must successfully share this information or live under tyranny as serfs for the rest of our lives until our children and grand children replace us in captivity.

Decide to join at whatever level you choose and do something to share this information with others.  We'll provide suggestions and training.  You have to make your decision first.

Do You Believe In Individual Freedom?

Are You Willing to Protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of Everyone?

You See, You Are the Source for All Individual Freedom and Rights; But, You Only Have the Keys to the Freedom of Others While They Hold the Keys to Your Freedom...  This Is the Hated Secret of Individual Freedom and Rights...

Individual Freedom and Rights Are Not About Protecting the Rights of Your Friends, Family and Those You Approve of... Freedom Only Comes from Your Willingness to Protect the Individual Freedoms and Rights of Those You Neither Like Not Approve of...

Freedom... Sing it...

"...create a new model that makes the old one obsolete."

"You never change the existing reality by fighting it.  Instead, create a new model that makes the old one obsolete."
-- R. Buckminster Fuller

'...look upon freedom as a product which you want to see built. You can't build freedom until you know how to build products. You make products. You don't fight for products, you make products. Have you ever fought an automobile into existence? Do you fight a fluorescent light into existence?"
-- Galambos

""War is just a racket... Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC,"

"War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I  believe, as something that is not what it seems to be to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

"I believe in an adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we'll fight...I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket."

Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC,
1933, a two-time Medal of Honor winner:

"basic immorality involved in coercion of men soon corrupts"

"The basic immorality involved in coercion of men soon corrupts not only the wielder of such power, but those over whom the power is wielded."
— Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

"The only democracy in history that has worked for the common good is the free market."
-- Don Winfield, Journals

"Political Power not only corrupts the holders, it makes them stupid too."
Richard Maybury

"...the state itself is a bad thing."

– Doug Casey, NY Times Best-Selling Author, Publisher "International Speculator"+

"My view is that the institution of the state itself is a bad thing.

It's not a question of getting the right people into the government; the institution itself is hopelessly flawed and necessarily corrupts the people that compose it, as well as the people it rules."

“Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.”

“[What politicians are doing] is not only the wrong thing, it is the exact opposite of the right thing.”

“America doesn’t exist anymore. It’s the United States. America, which was basically an idea, a concept, is dead and gone. The United States is just another of 200 awful little nation-states that have spread across the face of the earth like a skin disease. There’s no longer any difference that I can tell between the U.S. and any other country.”

“I am more than a libertarian; I don’t believe in the right of the state to exist. The state is unnecessary for society to exist. Everything that needs to be done can be done by the market.”

“You don’t own your property. Try not paying your real estate taxes for a year or two, you’ll find out who really owns your property.”

"The dollar is an unsecured liability of the government, and the government is bankrupt," the Daily Reckoning's friend and contributor Doug Casey said in a USAToday cover story this Thursday. "It's an IOU of NOTHING."

"The thought of how far the human race would have advanced without government simply staggers the imagination."
-- Doug Casey 1979

"Assorted "

"When you find that you are on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect"  --  Mark Twain

"Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul." - Mark Twain

"Almost everything that almost everyone believes is wrong."
-- Andrew J. Galambos

"Rogues are preferable to imbeciles because they (rogues) sometimes take a rest."
- Alexandre Dumas

"If you have no successful example to follow in whatever endeavor you choose, you may simply look at what everyone else around you is doing and do the opposite, because - The Majority Is Always Wrong."
-- Earl Nightingale, Lead the Field Audio Series

"If you believe everything you read, better not read."
-- old Japanese proverb

"In the first place God made idiots.  This was for practice.  Then he made school boards."  -- Mark Twain

"The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all: it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality." -- H.L. Mencken

"Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about." -- Mark Twain

"Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception."
--- Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger, 1916, Ch.9

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
~~ Mark Twain

"The Politically Powerful and their minions are marked by ignorance exceeded only by their arrogance."
-- Don Winfield, Journals