Lysander Spooner | Individual Freedom | Natural Law

Lysander Spooner | Individual Freedom | Natural Law

Do you believe in Individual Freedom and understand your Natural Law Rights?  Meet Lysander Spooner, the Father of the 3¢ stamp and one of history’s greatest minds on Individual Freedom & Natural Law.

Lysander Spooner created the American Letter Mail Company in 1844 in the United States and picked up local mail in the morning and delivered it in the for 5¢.  The US postal service charged 24¢ and took a week.

In 2012 US dollars, the post office was charging $5.55 for truly lousy service.

I used an inflation calculator to discover inflation adjusted cost.

You may not that all inflation calculators run from 1913 until today.  The reason the calculations start in 1913 is because there was no inflation  before 1913.  In 1913 the Political Elite gave themselves the ability to rob people in a manner few understood and few understand today.  If you don’t understand how the Politically Powerful steal from you with inflation, we recommend:

The USPS went to congress and had laws passed to put Lysander out of business.

As part of the justification for their unlawful action, the USPS bribed everyone by lowering the cost from a lousy service monopoly provider to 3¢ per letter.  Of course, the USPS could have just lowered their cost to 3¢; but, sometimes people don’t want lousy service at a savings.

Therefore the Post Office had to put Lysander Spooner out of business at the point of a gun.

Lysander Spooner was an entrepreneur, abolitionist, author, philosopher, self-taught lawyer, and anarchist.  As an attorney he operated within the system even though he did not recognize the US Government as being a valid entity under Natural Law.

His pamphlets, “The Constitution of No Authority” gets most people to rethink what they think about the validity and lawfulness of so-called government.


The State versus the Highwayman – Lysander Spooner

Before we get further into Spooner, a quick thinking exercise.

For a number of reasons, the use of the word “government” limits our ability to effectively think about Individual Freedom or, for that matter, about the thing supposedly represented by the word, “government.”

Test this idea for yourself.

Let’s divide the word “government” into its component parts and then you may use the appropriate term for whom you are referring to, when you start to use the word “government.”

These are potential pairs of words that make up “government”… And of course, you are welcome to come up with your own.  I recommend you test a number of different word pairs to see how they effect your ability to think and decide on different issues.

The Politically Powerful… Those who are the subjects of Political Power…

The Rulers… The Ruled…

Those who make rules and regulations… Those who are ruled and regulated…

Those who collect taxes… Those who pay taxes…

Those who claim to be above morality and personal responsibility… Those who try to live moral and responsible lives…

Please provide your best definition of what government is, not what it says it is, by entering your definition into the contact us text block.  We will be posting these for comment and amusement.  If you don’t want your name listed, please provide a pen name for your communications.

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Now let’s go to our first Lesson by a Master Thinker, Lysander Spooner, who lived January 19, 1808 – May 14, 1887 and whose genius lives on through his admirers…

Ride with The Liberty Gang

The 2 laws of common law:

1. Do Not Encroach Upon the Person or Property of Others.  (Some prefer aggress or trespass.  Any choice works better than legal systems you cannot read, understand or afford controlled by the biggest thieves and abusers of the rights of others in the world.) 

2. Do What You Have Agreed to Do.

The Golden Rule of Natural Law

The only way to protect your Individual Freedom and Rights, which are your source of abundance, harmony, unfettered opportunity, health, morality and justice, is to protect the Individual Freedom and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.

This is the only way.

Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Freedom and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.


Let’s face it, agreeing to protect only those just like you is not going to create a lot of harmony in the world.  

It’s time to grow up.  Leave the day dreams of you as a 6 year old child behind that the world would be a wonderful place if only you had control of the world.  It wasn’t true then. It isn’t true now.  

The only solution is for you to control your world and allow others to do the same.  Then those who have grown up enough can learn from each other.

This is the only way.

Ride with The Liberty Gang with your Pledge to protect the Individual Freedom and Rights of those you neither like nor approve of.