Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Meltdown

3 “Level 7 Meltdown” Nuclear Reactors at Fukushima

Three nuclear reactors became “Level 7 meltdown” nuclear emergencies at Fukushima, Japan

I have had a hard time getting questions answered about:

  • The extent of this disaster
  • How much is behind us
  • How much is ahead
  • How successfully is emergency being contained or cleaned up?

There are 1,315 nuclear fuel rods stored 100 feet in the air under a pool of water on top of nuclear Reactor #4, which is in a building that would be condemned; but, you can’t condemn nuclear reactors that are in meltdown.

We are going to ask our questions of the former chief engineer for the largest nuclear research reactor in the world.  Be sure to get on our newsletter list for when the interview is available.


Let’s recap.  The most powerful Earthquake (9.0) to ever hit Japan occurred on March 11, 2011 near the coast of Honshu Japan with epicenter about 177 miles from Fukushima.

The earthquake moved Honshu 2.4 m (8 ft) east and shifted the Earth on its axis by estimates of between 10 cm (4 in) and 25 cm (10 in).[18][19][20]

This created a 1,000 year Tsunami which followed the quake.

The combined effect of earthquake and Tsunami caused a number of Nuclear Accidents with 3 explosions destroying the safety equipment and other controls followed by fires creating 3 level 7 meltdowns of the 6 nuclear reactors.   Chernobyl had only one level 7 disaster.

Radioactive clouds in the air, radioactive currents in the water and radioactive fish will travel to distant shores

I want to interject there are a number of solutions to the continuing meltdown disasters.

You and I Can Help Fukushima

One solution was unveiled at a Press Conference in 1993.  This isn’t new or secret technology.  There are manufacturers around the globe using this for medical waste disposal and a huge variety of other purposes.

The Press Conference announced results of demonstrations to US Congressman Berkley Bedell with the Honorable Daniel Haley, followed by a second to 5 representatives of the San Francisco DOE Field Office, followed by a third to the California Department of Safety to make certain the radiation was being neutralized by 96-99% in under 10 minutes with Americium and Cobalt 60 and not transferred to the air, walls or people.


There is great fear vented on the internet about Fukushima.

I think some of the hysteria takes away from the Billions of Dollars done, the lives lost, the real threats, and the incredible expense of the truly stupid government policy of storing nuclear waste to create huge bureaucracies and Godzilla profits by storing nuclear waste that could be neutralized for a fraction of the money extorted from you and I and the real risks.

There are 670 other nuclear reactors which are creating and storing, creating and storing, creating and storing at more and more expense and risk for you and I.

We can help clean up the problem, no matter what how big.

Many families in Japan are currently at risk!  What we can do for them will help us too.

The nuclear disaster situation can be contained and reversed…

Whatever the risk is from radioactive clouds and ocean currents, we can do something about it.


We can use this disaster as a springboard to correct this risk worldwide.  We can halt and reverse irresponsible government programs while promoting changes that protect you and I from bureaucrats, politicians, and crony capitalism.  Crony capitalism should never be confused with Individual Freedom or Free Market Capitalism.

Crony capitalism is about government promoted and protected monopoly, cartels and corruption.

We are a worldwide movement to eliminate this type of risk at over 400 Commercial Nuclear Power Plants, 250 experimental research reactors, and 140 nuclear power plants in submarines and ships of war by eliminating nuclear waste.

Storing nuclear waste is a cash cow and provides weapons for war.  Therefore there is great resistance by governments and mega-corporations to eliminate nuclear waste no matter how simple, inexpensive or proven the technology may be to stop the kind of meltdown crisis we see in Japan.

With your help we can create a worldwide movement by demonstrating the combined technologies which can slow, halt and reverse the crisis in Japan.

We must act quickly before a building at risk of another earthquake, tsunami or bureaucratic incompetence escalates from mere disaster to a sequel. 


50 cases of antioxidant drinks were sent for the workers at Fukushima Daiichi by a friend of Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation.  They were confiscated by the government; because… who knows what confusion lurks in the minds of politicians and bureaucrats?

It’s “political think”; pass a law stating, “There is no problem.”  Blackout information.  Problem solved.

Those who are part of the ruling elites can be identified by a depth of ignorance exceeded only by their arrogance.


In co-operation with PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy) at the University of Ottawa, a loose international collection of some of the most brilliant eggheads, nerds, and innovators on the planet will provide a demonstration of at least 3 of the 9 technologies in a planet wide broadcast via the internet.

With your help, we will provide instructions on how to inexpensively create or buy machines that can neutralize nuclear waste, cure carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and a host of other ills, so that we can create a public awareness 1,000 year tsunami of benefits that will strip the bureaucrats and the politically powerful of much of their influence, and hopefully open the door for even more Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility and Unfettered Opportunity.


Any disaster provides unique opportunities to make the world a better place.


Why Us?

To paraphrase Tom Peters, author of “In Search of Excellence,” Innovation and Great Projects Are Created by the Wrong Person, with the Wrong Credentials, with the Wrong Background, for the Wrong Reasons, with Little to No Credibility, Who Is Woefully Underfunded, Does Something by Accident, Asks Questions, And Keeps Asking Questions While Taking Action Until They Get the Right Answers… That is the source of almost all Human Progress .

Wow! Are you and I qualified or what?


As with so many things left to bureaucracies, you and I would never be selected to be any part of a solution to this crisis.  By a curious series of coincidence, curiosity, networks and actions we have the power to resolve this crisis while making the world a better place.

You fit the Great Projects DescriptionYou are a crucial catalyst due to your curiositycoincidence, social networks and actions.


We do not claim to be the answer, only catalysts.

You and I have the unknowable power of our networks, our histories, our experience and knowledge, our skills, our focused beneficial intentions, and actions.

The Liberty Gang website https://thelibertygang.com is putting up answers to questions about Brown’s Gas technology and its existing worldwide manufacture.

We will provide history and uses of this fascinating product which is made from water into gas, where it can be burned, imploded or used as gas.  If you burn it, the byproduct is water.

Brown’s Gas has been repeatedly demonstrated in many countries to neutralize radioactive isotopes and waste by 96% to 99%,

We can create worldwide public awareness campaign to undermine the wars and frauds of the politically powerful through technology demonstrations and by promoting How Individual Freedom Works, Personal and Company Responsibility, Fully Informed Juries, Unfettered Opportunities, and the Responsibility of Grand Juries to Investigate Abuse of Political Power.

We will provide an overview of how demonstrations can be done in co-operation with PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy) which is headquartered at the University of Ottawa.  And probably Atomic Energy of Canada will participate as it has before for demonstrations to Canadian Officials.

Please take action steps to help prevent this disaster.  Let’s stop it quickly…   And help us use this crisis to transform the world into a better place with more individual freedom, personal responsibility, health freedom and unfettered opportunity for all.

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  • Take Action Today.

Thank you.

Don Winfield
Senior Catalyst
The Liberty Gang


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