Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion & Clean Energy

But does cold fusion work?


Judge Cold Fusion for Yourself using this video and a little bit of research.

Just how stupid and resistant to change can the establishment be???

And the answer is, you’ll be surprised.

Watch this video and note some of the great quotes and hysterical historical tales of resistance to facts that would require a change of opinion.

“Science advances 1 death at a time!” Arthur C. Clarke

About the only way for science to advance is for the skeptics to eventually die to allow younger minds who are not embedded with cult like faith in disproven theories they consider facts.

Cold Fusion faces 2 battles.

1.  Cold Fusion faces the resistance of self-proclaimed skeptics.

2.  Cold Fusion faces extreme resistance from all of the people who profit from the existing overly expensive and financially rewarding ways of doing things.

It is difficult to raise funds for cold fusion; because, vested interests in current technology holds great power over new technologies attempting to enter the market.

They influence media, government regulations, fund raising, and they are experienced at using the establishment against innovators, inventors and any form of competition.

The old order always loses; but they can make the world pay with uncountable miseries as they attempt to stop and bury progress.

Please share this video with others whose minds are not made up.  Anyone else, you’re pretty much wasting your time.

This is another example where individual freedom is the answer to centrally planned and bureaucratically controlled economies.


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