Fukushima | How To Undo The Crisis

Fukushima | How To Undo The Crisis…

This video tells the story of Brown’s Gas which is proven to nullify radiation. It can nullify Fukushima Radioactive Waste and it can safely burn the spent fuel rods and reduce their radioactivity to life saving levels.

Brown’s Gas has reduced the radioactivity of Americium by over 99% in under 5 minutes, Cobalt 60 by 96% in under 10 minutes.  That was 20 years ago.  This is not new technology.  We have the press announcement from 1993 on our next page.

I thought that because Fukushima was over a year ago, the problem must have been handled by now.  It hasn’t.  There are 11,461 fuel rods at risk of sending radioactive clouds and ocean currents around the Northern Hemisphere… And we have the Power to Undo This Crisis and Benefit the Entire World… If we can get enough attention to this ignored technology.

We choose to do what is within our ability to help the families in Japan and solve a worldwide threat at the same time.


Any monies collected below go to Liberty Marketing Network, a trust to setup websites, marketing, translations and infrastructure to create awareness and raise money to undo the crisis in Fukushima which endangers the Japanese and the entire Northern Hemisphere.

We are working with PACE to setup a PayPal account so that people can easily contribute money to fund technology demonstrations to force those who profit from and wage war with the current nuclear waster to destroy nuclear waste instead of hoarding it. We want to clean up Nuclear Waste WorldWide starting with the Crisis Situation at the Fukushima Daiichi Crippled Nuclear Power Plant.

The situation is still exceedingly dangerous over a year later.

For large donations and funding through the foundation, you will have to wait. Donate some small amount to help us build sites, viral marketing tools, and the 121 steps that need to be attended to for a really good package of websites and support.

You provide support by joining TheLibertyGang.com as a member, which will help us recreate sites in a multitude of languages and assemble support teams to create a robust source of information for those who want to help with this crisis.

You may contribute a variety of different amounts, one time or monthly.  You will see a default selection of $99 per month; but, you will see a number of drop down menus which will change the selection to your choice.

For those with over $100,000 to contribute toward solutions for Fukushima, use the contact us page.  We will ask for an easy means to verify who you are and your ability to make a donation.  We must remain focused on getting things done rapidly.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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PS – We can do a lot of good for a worldwide problem.  We have seen 2 catastrophic and  preventable accidents and there are only 30 Nuclear Countries.  That’s not a good scorecard.

Governments work for their own interests with others in their club who are all drunk on the power to control others.

It’s time to make changes to protect ourselves from the lunatics.