Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster

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Why?  Because your mind shuts down to good news after being presented bad news.  There is no balance created.  For your body, it’s like you only received bad news.

Your stress levels only process, respond to and keep the bad news.

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How To Clean Up Toxic And Radioactive Waste

Brown’s Gas was shown in a demonstration to US government officials many years ago.  Present was Congressman Berkley Bedell who helped publicize the results of the demonstration.

There are many different types of radioactive isotopes and many ways to vary the composition of Brown’s Gas and how it effects different types of radioactive materials.

When used on Cobalt 60, Brown’s Gas eliminated 96% of the radioactivity in under 10 minutes.  Either the mixture can be refined or the time can be increased to be more effective.  Americium was reduced by 99% in under 5 minutes.

Our Fukushima links will provide information specifically on how to remedy the situation in Fukushima and clean up Chernobyl.  There will be information on Brown’s Gas and 8 other technologies.

Fukushima: How to Undo the Crisis


We will also be exploring how Free & Responsible Individuals can help clean up the messes created by Godzilla Governments and their protected monopolies and cartels.

Be sure to watch the videos on this site on your power as a member of the jury to protect those being attacked by Godzilla Governments for asserting their rights and freedoms.

I worked with others 10 years ago to convince federal government, state government and large corporations that the technology existed to eliminate nuclear waster.

Managing and storing nuclear waste is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry… There are vested interests who did not want to lose lucrative management contracts for this life threatening waste by having the problem eliminated.

And the government uses these wastes to create new weapons which have the added advantage of poisoning the lands wherever they are used.

Free individuals learn from their mistakes.  Governments demand more control and money when they make mistakes. They make stupid statements like:

  • “The problem is even bigger than we thought so we need more taxes and control of you and your family…” 
  • “Our solution isn’t working only because it’s not big enough…”
  • “People have too much Freedom and are not co-operating so people need to give up more of your freedom to our brilliant central planning and we want more of your money…”
  • “The law gets in our way.  We need to eliminate all rights and freedom…”
  • “Jurors should do what the Judge tells them to do, no matter how stupid or how obviously it tramples the rights of the defendant,” 
  • “People hate Americans because DC gives you too much freedom; so we’ll kill more people you don’t know in your name…”


But we don’t have to let them ride our backs like a 1,000 jabbering monkeys telling us what to do, telling us how to live our lives, while stealing our money and other possessions…

I don’t believe there is a period in history where politicians could have lead by personal example; because, their personal examples were so bad.

Politicians use guns.  They pay others to use the guns.  And those others toss the crap, also called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, they swore to protect from all enemies foreign and domestic – like the politicians – onto a bonfire, and will follow orders only so long as they can be kept from reading, questioning and thinking.


I am confident we can use this disaster as a springboard to create many great things.

This event comes from Government by Gun which protects industries from liability and attacks potential competition that threaten the profits, power and stupidity of government protected monopolies and cartels.

What Is Brown’s Gas?

Some quickies on Brown’s Gas:
  • World’s most effective cutting torch…
  • Brown’s Gas is made from water and returns to water as it burns…
  • It does not explode, it implodes…
  • Using a Brown’s Gas torch, you can hold a piece of metal you are cutting in your hand without a glove… You need to be prepared to set the metal down quickly because it will get hot when removed from the flame…
  • Most cutting, welding torch gases are poisonous… Not Brown’s Gas…
  • You can run your hand rapidly through the flame as you could a candle… If you did that with other welding torches, it’s time for a hospital visit!
  • You can hold the torch by the tip with your bare fingers while the torch is burning…
  • The Flame, whatever it is, adjusts itself to whatever it is focused on…
  • Brown’s Gas can cause tungsten to sublimate (go from metal to vapor with no melting)…  This requires a temperature found on the surface of the sun (5,900º celsius) and yet your fingers may be less than an inch away without experiencing a burn from the flame…
  • You can use the same flame to cut through other metals without adjusting the torch…
  • You can use the same flame and lightly run it over aluminum and watch water drops collect on the surface…
  • Brown’s Gas can diminish the radioactivity from the spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors with one or more burns to the point where it no longer threatens the Northern Hemisphere.
  • I was one of the dealers who attempted to get state government, federal government and large corporations interested in exploring the technology… 
  • The basic problems were: 
  • 1. It was multi-billion dollar management industry.  Who wants to get rid of one of the most dangerous and poisonous substances on the planet when you can manage it forever for huge profits… Forever… 
  • 2. The nuclear wastes were useful for wars and weapons which are the health of governments…
  • Brown’s Gas may also be used to power cars and who knows what else… There is a wealth of possibility with Brown’s Gas which is Made From Water and when it burns turns back into water…

Brown’s Gas Is a Primary Solution to Fukushima

Brown’s Gas Is a Primary Solution to the Dangers of Nuclear Power Worldwide

The cost of nuclear waste disposal at a Nuclear Power Plant with Brown’s Gas is less than 1 year’s storage cost.  That’s doable.  It’s affordable.  There are Brown’s Gas Manufacturers around the globe.  This isn’t speculation.

There are engineering challenges with the submerged fuel rods at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.  For more information on that problem, watch:

Brown’s Gas is manufactured onsite.  You pour water into a generator, it manufactures Brown’s Gas and you use the gas as it is manufactured. When you burn it, it returns to water.

The lead into the press conference starts about 2 minutes 30 seconds into this presentation which is one of a series of videos on the properties of Brown’s Gas.

The first part of the video is part of an interview with Professor Yull Brown, now deceased.  His English is pretty good; but, you can tell it’s not his native language. He was born and raised in Bulgaria.

Watch this You Tube Video of the press conference where the results of Brown’s Gas ability to neutralize Nuclear Waste were announced.  This was 20 years.  This is not new technology.  There is more known today about its uses.

Cleaning Up Water

Gizmag is a pretty good resource on discoveries and innovations.

Intelligent absorbent removes radioactive material from water

Capsule removes radioactive substances from beverages

Availability of Brown’s Gas Machines

Brown’s Gas Generators are manufactured around the world.

Brown’s Gas has been used successfully for Radioactive Waste Neutralization; but, the information is not universally known.  Thanks to people like us, the information is spreading.  We want to create worldwide demand to stop storing nuclear materials which can cause accidents and neutralize the waste, spent fuel rods and all of the other potentials for catastrophe.

Brown’s Gas is also called: HHO, Water Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen, and probably a few other names I’m not familiar with.  Yull Brown’s research demonstrated at least 36 variations of the gas.  Some worked better than others for different purposes.  They all work pretty well.

The original units I sold 10 or so years ago were manufactured by Norinco which is a Chinese Manufacturing Giant that builds locomotives, firearms, motorcycles, cars, trucks, Brown’s Gas Generators and a lot more.

The link below goes to a manufacturer in Taiwan for a Mobile Brown’s Gas Biohazard Purification Systems.

The EP-2000 Mobile Biohazard Purification System is the latest heavy-duty development for the oxy-hydrogen generator.

The high-temperature Oxy-Hydrogen flame is used to perform efficient, environment-friendly biohazard purification tasks in a self-contained mobile platform.

It is capable of handling infectious waste on site. Currently, hazardous waste is transported to an incinerator plant for processing, which poses a risk of dispersion during transport.

The most significant implication of a Mobile Biohazard Purification System is that it is like a fire engine for extinguishing epidemics. In critical situations, multiple units can be quickly dispatched at the first instance of a threat; to tackle epidemics such as SARS, Bird Flu, etc. Bringing the incinerator to the problem site significantly reduces the spread of highly contagious diseases.

When not being used in emergency situations, this system can be used for handling a variety of other wastes, making it very useful and cost effective. The Mobile Biohazard Purification System is the best tool available for environment protection organizations to promote the Earth’s protection and enhance human health.

Applications : Epidemic control of SARS, Bird Flu, etc., for mobile and swift elimination of viruses; hospital and medical waste, and case-specific waste disposal for communities, factories, military compounds, and campuses

B.E.S.T. Korea Co, Ltd.

This manufacturer in Korea is even closer to Japan and according to their YouTube Video, this is the world’s largest manufacturer of Brown’s Gas Machines.

Brown’s Gas Generators from Korea:

This site states, it is the worlds largest manufacturer of Brown’s Gas generators.

B.E.S.T. Korea Co, Ltd.

Chairman Kim, Sang Nam is listed as CEO at time of the video and their website in English is:

Other Brown’s Gas Manufacturers

This site lists Brown’s Gas manufacturers all over the world.  And I’m sure there are more.

Nuclear Waste Disposal

Yull Brown was born in Bulgaria, lived in Australia, China and the USA and I know he was imprisoned and tortured in one of the former Soviet Bloc countries for a time as well.  I don’t know if he was living there or traveling through.Also, it will be interesting to test what would happen if you were to use radioactive water while creating and burning Brown’s Gas.  Could the devices help clean up water as well?

There are other technologies which can be used to clean up the water from the plants and hopefully the contaminated water that has dumped into the ocean. We’ll be updating this as more news develops.  In the interim, it is important to maintain a sense of inner peace; because, stress can make you sick, create brain fog, inertia, depression and other things which won’t make you well.One solution for stress that I use is:

The Healing Codes

There are many solutions for anything.  Resolve the stress in your life as a first step.  Stress does not have to be your enemy.  You can use stress to point towards the areas where you need change.

Use The Healing Codes or some other technology to learn whatever lessons are in your stress, neutralize the stress with The Healing Codes and make any changes which are possible for your situation… And there is always something you can do.

I was sales and marketing director and a certified coach; so I am very familiar and partial to this; but, there are many programs you can use to counteract the negative effects of stress.

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