Zap Nuclear Waste

Zap Nuclear Waste

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Will Your Children’s Children Be Able to
Have Children of Their Own?

Ionizing Radiation causes abortions, birth defects, impotence and infertility…  Why is it increasing?

Politicians and the Nuclear Waste Industry refuse to let go of their profits and power to neutralize the spent fuel rods and other radioactive garbage that is manufactured at all Nuclear Power Plants.

The nuclear waste creates profits, accidents and disasters which increase the level of ionizing radiation we serfs are exposed to and requires serfs to pay politicians and their cronies to clean up the mess the politically powerful have caused.

Politicians want to keep the crap, no matter how dangerous, so that they can make weapons of war from it.  You never can tell when you’ll want to kill people, and poison their land and water, and your own troops at the same time.  What a rush!

Nuclear Waste also creates:

  • bureaucracies,
  • budgets,
  • emergency demands for money,
  • opportunities for photo ops,
  • opportunities to pass more regulations to increase political power
  • opportunities to protect and feed monopolies and cartels which provide political  funding, well paid speaking opportunities and a retirement opportunity when the politician is in danger of being thrown out of office or is ready to cash in on the favors he is owed by giving crony capitalists and crony socialists our money.

The Nuclear Waste industry has no desire to kill its Nuclear Cash Cow… And politicians and bureaucrats will do all they can get away with to protect it.

If the Nuclear Cash Cow Industry destroys radioactive waste, they get paid 1 time.

If they store radioactive waste, their revenue stream lasts tens of thousands of years.

But it’s even better; because, the  Nuclear Waste Cash Cow Industry is making more waste every day.

So not only does this poisonous waste last tens of thousands of years but it gets bigger and bigger and bigger…

They take more and more and more and more of our money…

But Wait!  It gets even better; because, when there is an accident or a disaster, they get paid more money to clean up the accident or disaster.

You and I are charged more and more each day… We live at risk to restless radioactive poison!

Restless Radioactive Poison???

Chernobyl is in the Ukraine.  The radioactive clouds created a quarantine of 23% of the country of Belarus and 1.5% of Russia… And about 6% of the Ukraine.

Radioactivity Travels>>>

Radioactivity floats with air and rides with the tides.  Ionizing radiation may want to visit you and your family to thank you for your donations to the Nuclear Waste Management Industry.

Watch this Press Announcement on Brown’s Gas Ability to Eliminate Nuclear Waste


You’ll see a brief view of Yull Brown. That’s followed by Nuclear Waste Problem Overview at 2 minutes and 30 seconds then the Press Announcement Starts.

The press announcement was based on 3 separate and successful demonstrations of Brown’s Gas Neutralizing Radioactive Waste to US Congressman Berkley Bidell, San Francisco Field Office of US Department of Energy and to the California Health Services which also confirmed the radioactivity was just disappearing without irradiating anyone of anything at the demonstration.

Make a donation – And receive your own copy of the report talked about in the video and published by Planetary Association for Clean Energy.

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Brown’s Gas Neutralizes Radioactive Waste to
Help Undo Nuclear Accidents

Watch Mark Porringa, former Chief Engineer at Chalk River, world’s largest nuclear research reactor, as he neutralizes Nuclear Waste.

Note that the Geiger Counter sensitivity setting after the burn is made at a more sensitive level than when you see during the first radiation reading in order to understand the differences between the before and after readings.

That means we can get rid of poisonous radioactive waste that is currently stored at nuclear power plants and holding facilities around the world…

With your help:

  • We unleash a viral public awareness campaign…
  • We can raise money to perform live and online demonstrations of technologies to educate those who are having their money fed to Dangerous Storage of Nuclear Waste Profiteers… We are not trying to educate the politicians.  We’ve already done that… They don’t care about us…  They worship power and war…
  • We will make noise that will bounce off the skies until this cash extortion scheme and stupidity is halted…

PACE can accept almost any credit card or currency through PayPal>>>
Your receipt reads: PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc)>>>

Based on performance, perhaps they should probably be called nuclear waste leakage facilities?

We can eliminate this threat but only with your help.

Why is your help needed?

Because storing nuclear waste is a very lucrative business and it can be used to kill people… Land and water can be poisoned when the politically powerful and other nuts want to invade our neighbors who they have declared enemies…  And as an added bonus it poisons your own soldiers to make profits for the Medical Cartels.

Vested interests with political power and the politicians who love war do not want their nuclear cash cows, war and sickness industry eliminated.

The Political Elites have banded together and decided that business as usual is worth any risk we the serfs have to take and any amount we have to pay.

This next video provides a demonstration of Yull Brown using a Brown’s Gas Torch to burn the hair from his arm.  This same torch is used to turn Tungsten into gas without it melting first.  It’s called sublimation and for tungsten, the temperature is about 5,900 degrees Celsius or 10,652 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is 1 weird gas made of water and generates 1 weird flame.  That portion starts about 5 minutes into the video.

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