Dr Nancy Lord | Jury Nullification

Dr Nancy Lord | Jury Nullification

Dr. Nancy Lord, MD, JD, – on Jury Nullification – speaks out about abuses by the legal system and FDA and what you & I can do to defend our Natural Rights in the face of rampaging Godzilla Government. (Here to help us?)

Note how the judge in 1 trial denied due process so he could control the defendant’s defense (If the judge decides what the jury gets to hear, does the jury no longer honor its historical responsibility to halt government tyranny by its common law and natural laws rights of jury nullification?) to insure the government got another successful prosecution.

That this stupid judgement is even sought by the government makes you wonder what kind of lunatics are ruling and ruining our lives.

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Dr. Nancy Lord has defended Medical Marijuana cases and many other cases of pure tyrannical abuse.

Here are excerpts from closing arguments in Roger Sless trial mentioned in the video above:



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