Grand Jury

Grand Jury…
Not Just for Ham Sandwiches Anymore

Prosecutors like to brag that they can manipulate a Grand Jury to indict a Ham Sandwich. Grand Jurors are manipulated for political gain…

One of the main historic and forgotten functions of the Grand Jury, is its right and responsibility to investigate political chicanery, corruption, abuse of political power… And to protect people from malicious, trivial or political prosecutions outside of Constitutional Powers or that abuse the Individual Rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

Remember… Our Individual Rights and the Rights of Our Fellow Man do not come from Grants by the Politically Powerful… They are rights each individual is born with no matter where they are in the world and it is our individual responsibility and duty to protect others from abuse of political power by anyone.

The Politically Powerful pretend that these Natural Rights do not exist when inconvenient to their rule.  They will make every kind of lie, and pass every kind of regulation and law, which are invalid before, during and after they are passed; because, not all of the lawyers, politicians and their ilk currently in Hell or waiting admission, have the authority to steal our Individual Rights, Individual Freedom or Personal Responsibility over our own lives.

They are naked only so long as you and I protect the Individual Rights and Individual Freedoms of those we neither like nor approve of.

We do not have the power to protect ourselves.  We only have the power to protect our neighbors…

And we can do that despite all the made up rules and pretenses of the ruling elites and their servants.

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As a member of the grand jury, it is your right, duty and plain common sense to protect the innocent from malicious prosecution, because you know that just being indicted means:

  • Attorneys charge more than most people can afford,
  • Government provided attorneys are only there to help the government get the accused to plead guilty,
  • The accused will be extorted with a long list of charges in order to get them to plead guilty to at least 1 charge or risk going to jail for the rest of their lives for something they did not done or is none of the government’s business whether they did it or not,
  • The prosector is more interested in his win record than justice,
  • Prosecutors are known to suppress evidence that proves innocence and to solicit false testimony from jailhouse snitches or anyone they can intimidate,
  • Prosecutors include family members to increase pressure to plead guilty to charges which should be decided by a Fully Informed Jury and not by extortion,
  • The indictment will cause divorces,
  • The indictment creates stress which causes illness such as heart attacks and cancer,
  • The indictment will cause problems for the children at their schools,

A Grand Jury Is to Protect Our Rights,
Investigate the Politically Powerful,
And Halt Abuse of, by and for the Legal Cartels

That is why it is crucial that you recognize your rights (Which are based on the rights of all of us), your responsibilities and your ability to stand in the face of tyranny whether large or small.

You Are The Power of One…
On a Grand Jury or Trial by Jury, You Can Restore Our Rights & Freedoms
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