Harvey Wysong | Jury Nullification | FIJA

Harvey Wysong | Jury Nullification | FIJA

Harvey Wysong is one of the best spokespersons about our Jury Nullification Rights for FIJA, (Fully Informed Jury Association).

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Harvey Wysong | Jury Nullification | FIJA

Like most of us, he is not a lawyer.  In order for any System of Justice to make sense, it cannot require carrying a lawyer on your back to tell you what he thinks is legal and what isn’t despite the fact he hasn’t read the over 140,000 pages of laws and regulations, the court cases reinterpreting what they mean, or the 1,000 pages per week of new laws being passed.  No one in their right mind can believe this legal system makes sense.

A system of justice must have these characteristics:

  • Readable
  • Understandable
  • Consistent
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use and Apply on a Daily Basis
  • Convenient
  • Fast to Use
  • Respectful of Rights
  • Presumption of Innocence  
  • Provides Protection from Criminals both In and Outside of Government
  • Does Not Dispense Favors
  • Applicable to Everyone Uniformly
  • Respectful of Contracts
  • Provides affordable, sensible, and effective methods to reverse or abate mistakes
  • Competitive (Which allows new and better methods for use)
  • Provides the option of being tried by fully informed jurors who must live under the law and who receive no special benefits from those with Political Power…

We’ll explore common law and natural in other videos, audios, powerpoints/keynotes, interviews, texts and blogs.

The phone number for FIJA is 800-835-5879.  I don’t know the listing for outside the US.

But the website address is worldwide:


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Freedom is a gift from each to each.

The only way to protect your Freedom is to protect the Individual Freedom of those you neither like nor approve of.  There is no other way.


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You Have This Same Power as a Member of the Jury

You Have This Same Power as a Member of the Jury