Jonathon Emord | Bill of Rights

Jonathon Emord | Bill of Rights

Jonathon Emord, constitutional attorney, provides insights on the Bill of Rights. (Ed: Despite kangaroo courts, juries can still revive the Bill of Rights to defend the rights of the accused if jurors understand the Bill of Rights and each jurors own responsibilities and rights as members of the jury. Be sure to watch the videos on Jury Nullification. )

Despite the glaring failures of the Bill of Rights, it is important to understand the principles the authors were attempting to define and defend… Because their spirit still lives on, bruised and beaten, in Trial by Fully Informed Jurors, who defend the Bill of Rights in their decisions despite tag team kangaroo legal proceedings featuring a judge and district attorney. (There are some exceptional judges; but, sadly, very few.)

The failure of the Bill of Rights is not in the ideas.  The failure is in expecting those who stole power from us to use political power to defend us instead of for their own benefit.

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Embed This Image in Your Mind… This Is You as a Member of the Jury

The Power of One… You Decide Whether or Not the Bill of Rights Still Protect You & Limit the Powers of the State… And You can only Defend Others… They Are the Ones Who Must Defend You… Wikipedia photograph (1 of 4 similar versions) was taken by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press.


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