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Fully Informed Juries… Dr. Larry Dodge presents FIJA… Why jurors have rights and responsibilities to use jury nullification in order to protect the rights and responsibilities of the accused from prosecutorial ambition and other legalized injustice…

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Fully Informed Juries… Jurors have rights and responsibilities for 2 reasons…

  1. Because the defendant has rights; therefore, the juror must use their rights or the defendant has none…
  2. Because the juror has a responsibility to make certain the trial process is not used to support kangaroo court tyranny… The Jurors duties, rights and responsibilities come from a lot higher source than the black robed lawyer looking down at his fiefdom.

Fully Informed Juries came before the US Constitution

Fully Informed Juries were responsible for many of the rights enumerated by; but not limited to those listed in the Bill of Rights.

Modern day courts and judges attempt to convince the jurors that the jurors are not there to keep the proceeding honest and to insure a fair trial.  The jurors are told to obey the judge; and the judge – whose prestige, paychecks, privileges and perks depend on the current system’s power over others – will decide what his employers can do.

Fully Informed Juries and the Magic Number 2

It is true that it only takes one person on the jury to halt injustice…

However, experiments demonstrate that it is very difficult for one person to stand against a group no matter how obvious the correctness of that individual’s analysis.

The Asch Experiment, by Solomon Asch, was a famous experiment, designed to test how peer pressure to conform would influence the judgment and individuality of a test subject.

In psychology experiments by Solomon Asch in the 1950’s; when surrounded by people giving an incorrect answer, over one third of the subjects also voiced an incorrect opinion.

The experiments also showed that, even if only one other participant disagreed with the confederates, the subject was more likely to resist peer pressure; it appears to be more difficult to resist the majority if isolated.

Other follow up experiments, where the subjects were allowed to write down responses anonymously, showed far fewer incorrect answers.

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We have 2 lessons to take from this experiment.

1.  As people who believe that juries are for justice, we need to do what we can to make certain that at least 2 people on every jury understands their right and freedom to judge the law as well as fact.  So be sure to like us using the social network toolbar below on the left.

2.  As people who believe that juries are for justice, if all of the other jury members look like they will do whatever a judge instructs over their own sense of justice, encourage the use of secret ballot.  This will make it easier for you to withstand the peer pressure surrounding you and it will make it easier for others to join you; because, they don’t have to deal with hobogoblin needs of consistency.

Fully Informed Juries are not perfect.  They remain a wondrous tool against police state tactics and abuse of power.

Do You Believe In Individual Freedom?

Are You Willing to Protect the Individual Rights and Freedoms of Everyone?

You See, You Are the Source for All Individual Freedom and Rights; But, You Only Have the Keys to the Freedom of Others While They Hold the Keys to Your Freedom…  This Is the Hated Secret of Individual Freedom and Rights…

Individual Freedom and Rights Are Not About Protecting the Rights of Your Friends, Family and Those You Approve of… Freedom Only Comes from Your Willingness to Protect the Individual Freedoms and Rights of Those You Neither Like Not Approve of…