Juror’s Creed

The Juror’s Creed

I will not allow myself to be a juror unless I am certain that I can protect the rights of the innocent as well as proclaim the guilt of the criminal.


I will remember that when I take my oath I become a judge and the judge becomes a referee.


I will honor my obligation to be a judge and to judge both the law and the facts as is my right and duty.


I will not allow the referee, the prosecutor or the other jurors to talk me out of doing what I know to be right.


I will be always mindful that the accused is innocent until I vote otherwise.


I will claim my right to interrogate the witnesses to eliminate doubt because I will not vote against the accuse if I have any doubt.


If I become aware that the Constitutional or other rights of the accused are not being honored, I will automatically vote in favor of

the accused, unless I am completely satisfied that harm has truly been done to others by the accused.


I will vote in favor of any defendant who is prevented from telling me why he believes I should find him not guilty.


I will vote in favor of any defendant who has not harmed others.


I will vote in favor of any defendant who has not been a clear threat to the lives, physical safety or property of others.


I will cast only one (secret) vote.


I will not break any law by deliberating in secret.


May I never be an instrument of harm to anyone who does no harm. (who has done no harm to others. May I never be an instrument of suppression for the state.)

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