Obedience to Authority

Obedience to Authority

Despite the fact that court after court has ruled that “Following Orders” is no excuse to abandon your moral core and personal responsibility, unquestioning Obedience to Authority remains one of the biggest curses laid upon mankind throughout it’s darkest pages and today.

This actual 10 minute 48 second video recreation by Derren Brown will help you to more easily access your own moral core and increase your ability to stand against authority for morality, freedom and justice despite the heavy weight of orders with the appearance of authority.

Remembering this little video is especially important if you are ever a member of a jury in a conflict between the politically powerful and someone they have accused of questioning or disobeying authority.

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This experiment conceived by Stanley Milgram is one of the most duplicated experiments in the world.

Although there is some variation, the encouraging event is the number of people who resist; because, we know we can educate others and reinforce their own capacity to follow their conscience despite the demands of those with political power telling them what to do.

The tendency to be obedient to authority is fairly universal… But it can be unlearned and replaced with a higher level of understanding and moral resolve to help you stand against authority in any act you may regret for the rest of your life.

Question Authority.  Be Obedient to Your Highest and Best Self.

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