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Jury Nullification

Jury Nullification

Jury Nullification is a common law and natural law right.

Your rights predate any government’s constitution even though you weren’t born yet.

The case of John Peter Zenger is referenced as the trial responsible for embedding Freedom of the Press and a Juror’s Right to Judge the Law as Well as Fact in a Criminal or Civil Proceeding.

John Peter Zenger was accused of printing in his newsletter that the Governor New York was a crook.  Zenger was charge with criticizing the Governor which was a crime.  There is no question that Zenger broke the law.

If you were a juror would you have joined the other 11 jurors to find him “not guilty” even though he broke the law?

The Jury is the Conscience of the Community.  As a member of the jury, you answer to a higher power than the Judge.  You are responsible for justice… And to make certain there is NO Wiggle Room for the government to be unjust.

If they won’t tell you what the penalties are; you must find NOT Guilty.  Why?  Because they may be able to put someone in jail for 30 years, take their property, and move their family into the street… Which you would never allow if you knew what they might do.  If you don’t know, you have to find NOT Guilty to keep the government from becoming a dictatorship… Or reverse one that is.

Politicians, bureaucrats and their committees love to write and pass laws.  The US has over 140,000 pages of them with a new 1,000 pages per week on average.

The reason for this is that much law creates tyranny.  By taking away rights in very small and directed chunks, it is impossible for the population to be informed, organized or effective… Even when a campaign is organized and effectively executed, the politicians will:  Rewrite… Or Rename… Or Stick It into Another Bill at the Last Minute and they do as they please.

You have 1 Weapon which can undo everything they have done.

Jury Nullification

Click on the link below to watch the Jury Nullification Video and remember this image as you…

This Image Is You as the Prosecutor and Judge attempt to Enforce Unjust Laws…

This Image Is You in the Face of Tyranny…

This Image Is You Protecting the Rights of Those You May Neither Like Not Approve Of; Because No One Has Rights or Freedom if YOU Don’t Stand for Everyone’s Rights and Individual Freedom…

Jury Nullification Is Your Power! The Power of One!