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Prescription Drugs | Individual Freedom

Prescription Drugs | Individual Freedom

The FDA wants to allow pHARMaceutical companies to sell prescription drugs without prescriptions from doctors.

The FDA is creating a position where many people will want others regulated for their own good… And the FDA will use any requests to prove Bureaucrats should run the world. This is a 3 part issue where 1 & 2 are relatively easy.

1. Choose Individual Freedom.

2. Create campaigns to encourage people to consult their pharmacist. If their pharmacist seems stupid, find a new one. I have read that pharmacists used to be better informed than most Medical Doctors of Drugs. The industry has been dumbed down so much to opening jars and counting pills, it may take a while to restore professional pride. The pharmacists have more time than doctors to learn about alternatives as well.

Online medical doctor, pharmacist and alternative to drug sites can be promoted and if you’re reading this, you have the ability to do computer research fro those who are computer illiterate. There are plenty of resources and will be more. So: Choose Individual Freedom.

3. With the availability to put pHARMaceutical products on the shelves should come liability as well. The lawmakers tend to limit liability of major corporations. The legal system is a mess and that may be the hardest for us to reform. If we each begin to choose and use alternative legal systems, we can probably create benefits across the board.


There will be a savings for people who currently have to go to their doctor to get the same drug refilled year after year after year.

The main benefit is for the doctor.  The theory is the doctor protects the patient by monitoring side effects.  The reality is; any side effect is an excuse for a new drug.

With Individual Freedom comes Personal Responsibility.

Most people think Personal Responsibility is a great idea until they realize you have to have Individual Freedom for Personal Responsibility to exist.  At that point they decide to eliminate Personal Responsibility and replace it with perfect Godzilla governmental central planning, micro-management, tax collections, tax collectors, too many rules and regulations to read and they’re contradictory as well, a court system to enforce the regulations no one can read or understand, knowing this will create more of the same kind of perfect world we have currently.

>>>With Freedom comes responsibility for each of us to innovate and provide solutions, good personal examples of individual responsibility, and a reminder that anyone still has the choice to see a doctor first.

Taking away people’s choice because someone thinks they should run someone else’s life instead of leading by example, and being an innovator and volunteer, is how we got in this mess in the first place.
So: Choose Individual Freedom.

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Jury Nullification

Click on the link below to watch the Jury Nullification Video and remember this image as you…

This Image Is You as the Prosecutor and Judge attempt to Enforce Unjust Laws…

This Image Is You in the Face of Tyranny…

This Image Is You Protecting the Rights of Those You May Neither Like Not Approve Of; Because No One Has Rights or Freedom if YOU Don’t Stand for Everyone’s Rights and Individual Freedom…

Jury Nullification Is Your Power! The Power of One!