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Tyrants Use World Population Growth With Bad Math To Justify Insanity

Tyrants Use World Population Growth With Bad Math To Justify Insanity

We’ll explain the countless ways Malthusian Math has been used to justify stupidity, high prices, and scarcity scares in another post. Politicians misuse math to predict World Population Growth Catastrophes repeatedly and incorrectly.

Malthusian Math has predicted the extinction of all mankind repeatedly, running out of oil to justify monopoly pricing, NY City shutting down because horse dung would climb to eight stories deep, and other nonsense that does not work in the real world where they cannot and don’t even try to factor in change and innovation.

Let’s explore what happens without trying to kill, sterilize, or starve other people to death. The world is not like what Tyrants In Training pretend to believe… Some politicians create cult-like followers who really do believe their own nonsense.

Why the world population won’t exceed 11 billion | Hans Rosling |


Those who want to rule the world attract people who support their delusions. A lie carries a lot of weight when presented first. I recommend watching this video several times at different speeds until you grasp the essential ideas. We’ll set up an FAQ for further explanation.

Oil companies justified raising their prices in an artificially created oil shortage using Malthusian Math. Prophets of doom claimed oil would be used up by 1970.

In the real world, things change.

We didn’t discover how to use oil from the ground until we were running low on whale oil.

As prices go up because of shortages, the benefits to innovators and entrepreneurs for finding new, better, and cheaper alternatives goes through the roof.

People also cut back on usage and discover ways to enhance benefits.

This is reflected in what is called the Law of Supply & Demand:

As desired things get scarcer, prices go up.

As desired things become more abundant prices go down.

Cell phones were very expensive at first for the phone and the contract. There were waiting lists. You needed good credit to qualify for service contracts. Companies sold phones with all kinds of expensive access contracts.

Today there are a huge number of phones, burner phones, pay as you go, and switching phone service providers without having to buy a new phone from your new carrier.

Things change.

Watch this highly entertaining presentation by Prof Hans Rosling demonstrating one of the many reasons we need not fear overpopulation.

Let’s innovate and share ways to render the lunatics with power over others, their monopolies, their wars, and other insanities harmless. Let’s defund them, refuse to support power over others, support free markets to replace monopoly schools.

No more political schemes, scams, and cons.



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