“If one horse can pull 1,000 pounds maximum by itself, 2 horses can pull 3,000 pounds…” This is a great example and probably NOT true.

I did a little searching on this, wondering if it were true. I found no confirmation from my searches. There would probably be some benefit; just not that much.

I was amazed at the number of people who were trying to disprove this example.

They could have provided better examples.

It’s a story that’s been copied to inspire. Why not find better examples to replace the questionable one?

Skeptics thought that if they proved 2 horses couldn’t jump their performance dramatically by combining their strength, that served to disprove the value of teamwork.

We are not horses. We are combining minds, skills, talents, imagination and the Wisdom of Crowds.

The outcome of the right combination of people (not horses) is off the charts.

The more we imitate the Free Market, the more surprises we are likely to achieve.

Imagine how we can help each other…

Go to:  https://thelibertygang.com/liberty-41-is-liberty-4-all/

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select  “JOIN NOW” Button or do it here:


Volunteers, please submit how you can help via our contact-tlg page:


  • What is our participation tipping point to force bureaucrats to choose radioactive waste and fuel rod solutions by neutralizing them  over failed dangerous nuclear management programs…
  • What is our participation tipping point to create change when we show how to neutralize nuclear radiation in enough different venues…
  • Would promoting PACE help? Planetary Association for Clean Energy (Find out more at: http://zapnuclearwaste.com/) is headquartered at the University of Ottawa.
    PACE could showcase Brown’s Gas and 2 other technologies that can neutralize the risk we all face.
    Nuclear waste accumulation and power plant failure is created for Permanent Profit Streams by the Politically Powerful for their own benefit at everyone else’s expense and risk.
  • What is our participation tipping point to undo the power of government by gun agencies like the FDA, FTC and other unlawful enforcement agencies of the Politically Powerful?
    Imagine replacing government by gun with natural rights to control our own lives and destinies and restoring the concept of accountability and unfettered competition. Voting for tweedle dumb and dumber is as stupid as the idea that one of those nitwits should run our lives.
  • What is our participation tipping point to successfully  Promote Fully Informed Juries (http://fija.org/), Oathkeepers (https://www.oathkeepers.org/), Grand Juries (Please use our contact page to recommend helpful resource), Adam Kokesh’s method to phase out the federal government and allow each state to run itself (http://thefreedomline.com/), the tenth amendment foundation (http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/about/team/), World Healing Circles (http://www.worldhealingcircles.com/like-world-peace-learn-help-join-now/), and please send your recommendations for other organizations to add to our list.
  • Imagine the lords and ladies of the cult of Godzilla Government losing their credibility and power to manipulate…
  • What is our participation tipping point to start the process of exploring existing solutions to clean up radiation in ways that benefit people, animals, insects, the oceans and plants who have already been over-exposed to radiation or will be soon?

These are some things short or long term we will need created:

A logo contest…

TheLibertyGang Flag colors contest…

We need apps to facilitate and communicate projects and information

A wiki on freedom…

An informative and effective blog…

What could we do by creating X-prizes to create and broadcast how a Natural Law Trial Video with Fully Informed Jurors who can over-rule the judge? Where the judge cannot decide what the jury can and cannot hear or otherwise manipulate the trial.  The purpose of this area is to explore.

No one can be selected to create the perfect method of dispute resolution for civil or common law violation of individual rights.

Online trials could try public officials who have committed crimes that the system will not prosecute them for.

Could well done videos educate, inspire critical questioning and thinking, and lay the groundwork for change?

What about online grand jury videos about its original purpose to prosecute over-reaching and corrupt government officials and how they could defend us from overreaching prosecutors who pride themselves on their ability to indict a ham sandwich?

What demonstrating trials for crimes that harm no one where juries find not guilty and why; despite instructions from a judge.

Mock trials for laws that are stupid.

Mock trials to explore what would happen in court if the judge and the prosecuting attorney weren’t unlawfully working in harmony to deny a fair trial?

Can we end a history of usurpations of our individual rights and freedoms?

Although I think law students would be a great group to target for this perhaps even as assignments by law professors, we will not limit our contests to those tainted by legal process.

The history of innovation includes most of the following features: the wrong person, wrong credentials, doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason, who does something by accident, asks questions, and pitifully funded proceeds to change the world for the better for everyone.

Sometimes they are driven by love. 

Who else wants to help? Use our contact page and let us know…

I need people who can create power points / keynote presentations.

I need people who can take video and strip the audio into downloadable MP#’s.

Is it possible yet to allow people to choose the speed at which they watch a video and/or can we speed up our recordings by a small percentage as well, especially when we have a slow speaker.

We need transcripts of presentations.

We need translations of presentations.

Some of these things may be done more competently, quickly and affordably by hiring or subcontracting the tasks.  It doesn’t make sense to do something because you can if takes $20 of your time for a $5 task of someone else’s time.

I want to keep this site focused on the general principles; because, the government is Godzilla sized and efficient that talking about specifics would never end… Except…

We will test many marketing ideas to discover what works best.


You Tube Contests…

The Liberty Gang Clothing Line

The Liberty Gang Toys, Trinkets and Other Promo Material…

We have an incredible resource in the talent, imagination, networks, skills and experiences of our teams.  We must use unlimited imagination to overcome a very limited budget.

When I first started doing seminars, I did them by finding who wanted to hear someone speak enough to pay their way, with the 2 promises that whatever we made above expenses would be used to pay back those who paid for the speakers and they would sit at the speaker’s table or take them to dinner or whatever…

There is always a way to get something done because we have  unlimited imagination!